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May 1, 2021  

Manufacturing Excellence through Data and Analytics with these Four Initiatives

The world of manufacturing has undergone massive changes since

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April 29, 2021  

Take your manufacturing team engagement to a new level

The challenges of engagement and communication increased in the early days of the pandemic, as information was coming at people from all directions.

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April 26, 2021  

VIDEO: Interview with Humera Malik from Canvass AI

Recently, Plant’s associate editor, Maryam Farag, spoke with Humera Malik, CEO and Co-Founder, Canvass AI, as part of Women in Manufacturing’s Conversations with Industry Leaders series.

Feature Automotive Operations Technology
April 20, 2021  

New Ram Power Wagon: Modern Truck with a History

Having been an ‘automotive journalist’ for nearly 15 years, and working for an OEM dealership before that, I have had the opportunity to drive a lot of different vehicles, from the smallest, a smart fortwo, to the largest, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter long wheelbase with a high roof. None have been as unique as the vehicle that recently filled up my driveway.

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April 19, 2021  

Getting serious about E-Commerce?

Many businesses have started online selling, and manufacturers are among those looking to get in on the action. This year should be the time that manufacturers kick-start the e-commerce process.

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April 19, 2021  

VIDEO: Interview with Andrea Descargar from Green City Plastics Inc.

Recently, Plant’s associate editor, Maryam Farag, spoke with Andrea Descargar, Director of Global Supply Chain Development, Green City Plastics Inc., as part of Women in Manufacturing’s Conversations with Industry Leaders series.

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April 14, 2021  

Take the 2021 Manufacturing Management Salary Survey Now

Salary information, which is kept confidential, helps to compare manufacturing wages to industry averages.

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April 14, 2021  

Are you really Pivoting?

The current travel restrictions in effect makes in-person physical meetings a distant memory. Yet, the need for business improvement still exists and is perhaps even amplified.

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April 12, 2021  

Getting the Lead Out

Lithium-ion battery manufacturer growing market for material handling applications.

Feature Automotive Manufacturing General
March 9, 2021  

EDITORIAL: Is the future electric?

Change is coming to Canada’s automotive sector.

Feature Manufacturing General Health & Safety Operations Production
March 3, 2021  

Responding to COVID-19

How the leaders made a difference.

Feature Manufacturing Operations
March 2, 2021  

What lies ahead for manufacturing in 2021?

It’s been a crazy year for manufacturers across Canada,

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March 2, 2021  

What’s up dock? Diagnosing industrial door problems

Address them promptly to protect against environmental and
security issues.

Feature Manufacturing General
February 25, 2021  

Year of the pandemic: Issues that impacted manufacturing in 2020

CME’s Management Issues Survey examines 2020 and looks ahead.

Feature Operations
February 23, 2021  

Problem employees – How to deal with bad behaviour

Don’t be too quick to impose new rules for isolated misbehaviour.

Feature Operations
February 23, 2021  

Pause and Observe

Add a spaghetti diagram to your process menu.

Feature Manufacturing Health & Safety Production
February 18, 2021  

A COVID Hero: Canadian Shield’s Pandemic Journey

A small manufacturer of education technology retools to make a big contribution to face shield production.

Feature Health & Safety
February 12, 2021  

Treat Hygiene as a Priority, Without Sacrificing Productivity

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January 25, 2021  

Plant’s 2021 Truck and Van Preview

Ford has completely re-designed their F-150 for 2021, and

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January 22, 2021  

Safety scanner or safety mat? How to choose the right safeguarding device

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January 7, 2021  

Industrial circuit breakers remain key to load control

Need for reliable and secure power drives demand for safety-critical components

Feature Manufacturing Business Operations Operations
January 6, 2021  

The future is here for blockchain and IIoT

Blockchain innovation will help address IoT vulnerabilities

Feature Automotive Economy General
January 6, 2021  

Interest in EVs, hybrids on the rise: Molex survey

Global automotive survey polls what people seek in the ‘Car of the Future’

Feature Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Operations Production Technology
January 5, 2021  

Reaping the benefits of the connected factory

It’s time to take the Industry 4.0 Journey

Feature Electronics Manufacturing Facilities Maintenance Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Operations Production Technology
January 5, 2021  

Smart building opportunities for printed sensors

The promise of automated control of the buildings’ operations

Feature Manufacturing General
January 3, 2021  

Ready to coach? Making use of new skills

Obstacles and escalating priorities can sap a team leader’s will to learn.

Feature Manufacturing General
December 23, 2020  

Lifting safely: How to avoid back injuries

Lifting is among the most common causes of back injury in workplaces.

Feature Manufacturing Technology
December 23, 2020  

Getting smarter: Companies engage with digital technology

Survey shows more manufacturers are investing in the future.

Feature Electronics Operations Technology
December 21, 2020  

Cyber threats are more abundant than ever

Here’s how you can help your organization prepare

Feature Manufacturing General Operations Production
December 21, 2020  

Power of observation: Step back, let it happen

Acting as an observer rebalances processes.

Feature Electronics Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Technology
December 21, 2020  

Single pair ethernet about to supercharge IIoT

Factory and process automation worlds recognize SPE as an ideal tool for building a bi-directional IIoT network

Feature Manufacturing General Technology
December 21, 2020  

Let there be light, by deploying LEDs with wireless controls

EcoGrid makes LED energy efficiency projects pay off with Bluetooth technology.