Feature Manufacturing General
November 24, 2020  

Cyber attacks: Are you covered?

Include cyber insurance as part of a risk mitigation strategy.

Feature Manufacturing General Technology
November 19, 2020  

Unlock new revenue and margins through servitization

How leveraging technology to power services maximizes aftermarket profits.

Feature Manufacturing General
November 19, 2020  

Driving agility: How standard work helps get it right

Establish the best way to execute an action that everyone will follow.

Feature Manufacturing General
November 17, 2020  

Sew essential: Making the switch from cushions to medical masks

How a BC textile manufacturer quickly moved to serve COVID-19 PPE demand.

Feature Manufacturing General Production
November 12, 2020  

New reality: Managing processes with Deming and EVSM

Reap benefits by adapting the PDCA cycle with value stream mapping.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations
November 10, 2020  

Clearing the air: Identify and address breathing hazards

Steps to take that will improve workplace health and safety.

Feature Automotive Manufacturing Economy General
November 3, 2020  

Canada’s auto industry: Investment has slowed, electric vehicles beckon

There are challenges for the Canadian industry to overcome but also opportunities.

Feature Chemicals General Technology
October 20, 2020  

Controllable membrane to pull CO2 out of exhaust streams

Electrically switchable system continuously separates gases without moving parts or wasted space.

Feature Manufacturing General
October 15, 2020  

Wasteful processes: Add value by weeding out the poor performers

Tolerating them sets a bad example for staff.

Feature Manufacturing Economy General
October 8, 2020  

Focus on growth: Five steps to take during the COVID recovery

Hit hard by market disruptions, manufacturers are rethinking strategy.

Feature Manufacturing General
September 22, 2020  

Voice of the customer: Where lean thoughts become reality

Pandemic issues have distracted from process and product delivery.

Feature Manufacturing General
September 16, 2020  

Change of routine: Managing plant safety in the COVID-19 era

Hardwire comprehensive measures into workplace routines as production ramps up.

Feature Manufacturing Facilities Maintenance General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
September 15, 2020  

Manage your assets: Organize them with a governance model

Create value with an asset management program.

Feature Electronics Manufacturing General
September 10, 2020  

Five trends in industrial communication technology

Connectors are smaller, smarter and can be customized.

Feature Manufacturing General
September 4, 2020  

What leaders need to consider before implementing ERP

ERP provides the platform to automate, integrate, and digitize business processes.