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March/April 2021 Version of PLANT magazine is available.

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L’application pour roulements SKF Super Précision évolue.

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Extruded Silicone
Polymer Extrusions Inc.

Extruded silicone is available from this full-service manufacturer specializing in seals, bumpers, gaskets, and more. We can design custom profiles of p...

Fabricating Glass
Pegasus Glass

We have been fabricating glass since 1968. Pegasus Glass can offer custom design and fabrication services whether you require a single prototype or high...

Frasers Product
Zirconia – Alumina
Astro Met Inc

Astro Met, Inc. manufactures zirconia material for advanced ceramic products. We use these materials to custom make products to meet your needs. We have...

Safety Cable
Bergen Cable Technology, Inc

We provide safety cables that represent a more time and cost-effective approach to fastener security than lockwiring. Both methods are necessary to ensu...

Oil Well Drilling Chain
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

Drill rigs are used to create deep holes for a variety of applications. For instance, the applications can range from extracting core samples during exp...

					ball valves
Ball Valves
John Brooks Company Limited

John Brooks Company is a leading supplier of valves for workplace applications, and a major part of our lineup consists of industrial ball valves. We of...