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Brushed 24V DC Gearmotor Capable of Producing up to 443 In-lbs of Continuous Torque
Midwest Motion Products, Inc.
Midwest Motion Products, Inc.: The Leaders in Rapid Prototyping of High-Quality Motion-Control Solutions Model number: MMP D22-376D-24V GP52-408 Descript...

Air Conditioning
Exair LLC
EXAIR Cabinet Cooler systems are a low-cost, maintenance free and reliable way to cool and purge electronic cabinets. These compressed-air powered Cabinet ...

					centrifugal separators
Centrifugal Separators
John Brooks Company Limited
We offer an impressive selection of spraying and pumping solutions at John Brooks Company Limited, plus valves. Another product group we carry is filtering...

					laser scanners
Laser Scanners
Hoskin Scientific
Micro-Epsilon high-performance laser scanners are available from Hoskin Scientific Ltd. These laser line sensors rank among the top-performing profile sens...

					solenoid valve coils
Solenoid Valve Coils
ODE Valve Canada
While our portfolio covers an unsurpassed range of valves, pumps, and gear motors for industrial use at ODE Valve Canada, we offer other related products t...

					removable core
Removable Core Locks
Capitol Industries Inc.
Industrial locking devices come in all shapes and sizes for different needs, and we manufacture virtually all of them at Capitol Industries Inc. One of the...