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Over-running Clutches
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Overrunning cam clutches are available from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. These clutches will spin freely until being called upon to lock up and drive. They are t...

Heat Controls
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.
A variety of heat controls is available from Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. Our selection of temperature control products includes everything from simple bi-m...

Leaf & Debris Blowers
Hi-Tech Duravent
We offer a wide variety of hoses that are ideal for use with lawn and leaf vacuum units.. We provide hoses that are resistant to moisture, chemicals, abras...

Jason Industrial (Canada) Ltd.
We offer pulleys in a variety of styles and models to suit your business requirements. Whether you need a pulley that only carries a light burden or one th...

Cap & Set Screws
Gould Fasteners Ltd
Among the fastening products that Gould Fasteners distributes is a wide range of cap and set screws for virtually any application. These screws are availab...

Swiss Screw Machines Products
L & M Precision Products Inc
Swiss screw machine products of top quality are available from L & M Precision Products Inc. We have Swiss type automatic lathes from leading manufactu...