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Anti-Seize Lubricants
Henkel Canada Corporation
A range of anti-seize lubricants are available from Henkel Canada Corporation. We have developed a product line of premium quality compounds for protecting...

Microregulator Valves
ODE Valve Canada
The breadth of valves, pumps, and similar products we carry at ODE Valve Canada is extremely diverse. One item that has recently become important is our li...

Cam Lock Kits
Capitol Industries Inc.
For more than six decades, Capitol Industries has been the primary source of industrial security solutions in Canada. Although we make an unsurpassed varie...

Electric Switches
MagneLink Inc
Electric switches of many varieties are available from MagneLink Inc. Our products are magnetically actuated and offer low maintenance requirements with lo...

Valve Automation
John Brooks Company Limited
As one of Canada’s premier suppliers of spray nozzles, pumps, filtration equipment, and valves, we at John Brooks Company Limited have developed long-ter...

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
Great insoles must be long-lasting, comfortable and breathable. Shoe and boot insoles from Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. are crafted from our top-of-the-line i...