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Level Control Systems
Durham Instruments
With level control systems from Durham Instruments, you’ll never have to deal with faulty readings again. Most of our products determine depth to wit...

Film Adhesives
Master Bond
Master Bond Inc. epoxy adhesives are the preferred choice over conventional liquid/paste systems and mechanical fasteners for joining diverse substrates. F...

Combustible Gas Monitors
Arjay Engineering Ltd.
We design and manufacture combustible gas monitors for a range of industrial applications. We offer monitors that can be used with sensors of any type. The...
Frasers Product
Hydraulic Couplings
Collison-Goll Ltd
We can supply hydraulic couplings to meet your needs because specialize in the manufacturing of custom turned parts. We have the equipment needed to create...

Open Channel Meters
Arjay Engineering Ltd.
We offer open channel meters for monitoring of channel flumes and weirs. They are capable of providing flow totalization, flow rate indication, flow and le...

Wire Fabricated Products
Arcfil Products Ltd
Wire fabricated products of all types are available from Arcfil Products Ltd. We can provide design and engineering to create the ideal custom solutions, a...