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April 14, 2021  

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News Forestry General
January 20, 2021  

Shareholders give OK to West Fraser deal to buy Norbord, consolidating wood sector

(CP) TORONTO – Shareholders of West Fraser Timber Co.

News Forestry Government Manufacturing General Production
November 25, 2020  

Canada calls US softwood duties unfair, unjustified, despite reduction

US Department of Commerce imposes countervailing duties of nearly 9%, down from just over 20%.

News Forestry Manufacturing General Sustainability
November 19, 2020  

Peak Renewables buys Canfor forest tenure, idled mills in Fort Nelson

Multi-year $30-million deal with wood pellet manufacturer requires provincial BC government approval.

News Forestry Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
September 9, 2020  

Canada invests $4.5M to develop biofuel and products

CRB Innovations is developing a commercial pilot project to convert forestry residuals and other biomass.

News Forestry Government General Sustainability
September 7, 2020  

Feds pushed to abandon trade talks with Brazil over Amazon deforestation

Between January and the end of July, an area almost twice the size of PEI had burned.

News Forestry Manufacturing General
September 7, 2020  

Record high lumber, panel prices drive up Alberta stumpage fees

They’ve nearly doubled to $67.31 in September, from $36.56 per cubic metre in August.

News Forestry Economy General
September 2, 2020  

Trudeau vows Canada won’t back down in softwood dispute with US

Duties imposed in 2017 claiming Canada’s regulated forestry industry amounts to an unfair subsidy for producers.

News Forestry Manufacturing Economy General
August 25, 2020  

Canadians cheer, US denounces WTO decision on softwood lumber

Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission declared wrong in 2017 when they imposed countervailing duties.

News Forestry General
June 15, 2020  

J.D. Irving begins work in July on $35M NB sawmill expansion

Project will add about 1,300 square metres to the mill’s footprint, operations set for next spring.

News Forestry General
June 15, 2020  

CBSA launches investigations into plywood from China

Complaint alleges Canadian industry is facing an increase in the volume of the dumped and subsidized imports.

News Forestry Manufacturing Pulp & Paper General Operations Production
May 21, 2020  

Canfor curtailing production for four weeks, closing a mill in BC

Pandemic and other local factors blamed for both actions by the forest products company.

News Forestry Manufacturing General
April 6, 2020  

COVID-19 crisis prompts BC mill to boost medical pulp production

Harmac Pacific’s primarily red cedar pulp allows it to be mixed with synthetics to make end products like masks and gowns.

News Forestry Manufacturing General
March 27, 2020  

Canfor cuts lumber production and capital spending due to COVID 19

Will be down about $100 million across lumber operations compared with 2019.

News Forestry Manufacturing Pulp & Paper Economy General
February 13, 2020  

Nova Scotia forest industry airs concerns over mill closure during AGM

Frustration voiced over what is seen to be a lack of direction following the loss of one of the industry’s major players.

News Forestry General
February 6, 2020  

Environmental groups critical of Ontario government forestry plan

Tories propose increasing logging on Crown-owned lands from 15 million to 30 million cubic metres by 2030.

News Forestry Manufacturing Pulp & Paper General
February 5, 2020  

Lumber company shares rise on news the US intends to cut softwood duties

CIBC suggests average US duties would drop from about US$67 per thousand board feet to $30 based on current pricing levels.

News Forestry Manufacturing General
January 20, 2020  

BC forest industry seeks hope amid long strike, shutdowns, change

Challenges include US duties on BC softwood exports, mill closures in the Interior, two consecutive wildfire seasons.

News Forestry Manufacturing Pulp & Paper General
January 16, 2020  

Resolute to produce cellulose filaments at Quebec paper mill

$27 million for a plant and $11 million to modernize equipment to produce high-grade SCA+ supercalendered paper.

News Forestry Manufacturing General
January 10, 2020  

Nova Scotia mill to move ahead with environmental assessment process

Statement appears to indicate a reversal in the company’s position to wrap up operations.

News Forestry Manufacturing Sustainability
January 9, 2020  

Experts say climate change is driving up the risk of wildfires in Canada

“Climate change’s fingerprints are all over these Australian fires” and play the same role in raising the risk in Canada.

News Forestry General Sustainability
January 7, 2020  

Federal natural disaster bills now average more than $430M a year

Germanwatch’s Climate Risk Index lists Canada ninth among the countries most affected by climate change in 2018.

News Forestry Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
January 6, 2020  

Team to help forestry workers with pending closure of Nova Scotia mill

Northern Pulp denied permission for proposed facility and pipeline to pump treated effluent into the Northumberland Strait.

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January 1, 2020  

Some businesses thrived, many lagged during pandemic in 2020

Here are the lists of winners and losers

News Forestry Manufacturing Pulp & Paper Sustainability
December 5, 2019  

Cascades launches a 100% recycled, recyclable cardboard food tray

Patented water-based barrier coating protects it against humidity to enhance the packaging efficiency.

News Forestry Manufacturing Economy General
December 2, 2019  

BC forest industry facing uncertain future as mills close across province

Layoffs, shutdowns are causing economic and social pain as thousands of workers, their families and communities face uncertain futures.

News Forestry General
November 26, 2019  

Lumber giant Canfor announces it’s cutting back on mill operations in BC

The forestry giant has 12 sawmills around the province.

News Forestry Government Manufacturing Pulp & Paper General Sustainability
November 20, 2019  

Concerned groups urge NS to reject mill’s effluent plan

They say the plan lacked critical information and didn’t meet the department’s terms of reference.

News Forestry Manufacturing General
November 18, 2019  

Western Forest negotiations break down with striking workers

No future mediation dates have been scheduled after 14 hours of bargaining occurred.

News Forestry Manufacturing General
November 13, 2019  

Trade mission to Asia to calm concerns about wood downturn

Beetle epidemic and two recent record-breaking wildfire seasons have destroyed millions of hectares of BC forests.

News Forestry Manufacturing General
November 11, 2019  

Kruger certified ISO 50001 for energy management

First to receive the energy management certification from the Bureau de normalisation du Québec.

News Forestry Manufacturing General
October 31, 2019  

Cascades closing tissue converting at Waterford, Kingman plants

Plants produce 9 million cases of tissue products annually and employ 213 workers.