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News Health & Safety
August 3, 2023  

Hyundai and Kia recall nearly 92,000 vehicles and tell owners to park them outside due to fire risk

News Health & Safety
August 1, 2023  

GM recalls nearly 900 vehicles with Takata air bag inflators, blames manufacturing problem

News Health & Safety Innovation & Technology
July 28, 2023  

Congress urged to revive long stalled debate about regulating self driving vehicles

News Health & Safety Production
July 23, 2023  

Tornado damages Pfizer plant in North Carolina as scorching heat and floods sock other parts of US

News Health & Safety
July 14, 2023  

EPA sets stricter limits on hydrofluorocarbons used in refrigerators, air conditioners

News Health & Safety Production
June 27, 2023  

Enbridge ‘must cease’ Line 5 operations on Bad River land by June 2026: judge (US-Cda-Pipelines)

Feature Health & Safety Operations People and Skills Production
June 8, 2023  

Ontario begins material handling inspections

News Health & Safety People and Skills
June 8, 2023  

Black workers at California Tesla factory allege rampant racism, seek class action status

News Health & Safety Production
May 26, 2023  

B.C. company expands antibody research, production facilities for second time

News Business Operations Health & Safety
May 22, 2023  

Japan’s Toyota discloses improper crash tests at Daihatsu subsidiary

News Health & Safety
May 13, 2023  

Tesla shouldn’t call driving system Autopilot because humans are still in control, Buttigieg says

News Health & Safety Sustainability
May 12, 2023  

Minnesota prepares for near total ban on ‘forever chemicals’

News Health & Safety Industry
May 4, 2023  

Explosion rips roof off pharmaceutical plant; worker missing

News Health & Safety Operations
May 4, 2023  

Chocolate factory workers in Pennsylvania say they smelled ‘rotten eggs’ before blast

News Health & Safety
April 28, 2023  

Forum 2023: The Changing World of Work, speakers announced

Feature Health & Safety
April 20, 2023  

Look out for signs of eye discomfort

News Health & Safety Industry
April 14, 2023  

Canada’s pledge to make more vaccines at home is still a work in progress

News Health & Safety Sustainability
April 7, 2023  

Most Canadians got more from carbon price rebates than they spent in 2021: report

News Health & Safety Sustainability
April 6, 2023  

Ottawa and Edmonton cement manufacturer sign preliminary deal on carbon capture

News Health & Safety
April 5, 2023  

Jury awards $3.2 million to ex Tesla worker for racial abuse

News Health & Safety
March 27, 2023  

All 7 Pennsylvania chocolate factory explosion victims found

Product Health & Safety Industry
March 20, 2023  

Pfannenberg PYRA Series of Lights

Feature Business Operations Health & Safety Industry
March 9, 2023  

Addressing cybercrime in your business

News Business Operations Health & Safety
March 4, 2023  

Company planning to make COVID 19 vaccine in Canada could go out of business

News Health & Safety
March 1, 2023  

Classic Fire + Life Safety hiring for NextStar Energy EV battery plant

News Business Operations Health & Safety
December 8, 2022  

Families dismayed at trial for Rio Paris Air France crash

News Business Operations Health & Safety Industry
November 16, 2022  

Workplace Safety North wins Canada Award for Excellence

Feature Health & Safety
November 15, 2022  

Working safely with chemicals to prevent occupational disease