Six Canadian companies are finding success in the US

By Carolyn Powell, Director International Business Development, Invest Buffalo Niagara   

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Invest Buffalo Niagara offers help to companies taking the leap to establish a US location.

Canadian companies expanding to the US had another successful year in 2018  with Invest Buffalo Niagara (InBN) helping to navigate the complex expansion process.

The reasons for expansion vary — gain a Made in USA label, reduce shipping costs, avoid bridge delays, increase market access, and more. No matter the reason, our organization helped these companies understand and consider all the necessary factors before opening their doors in the US.

Following is a list of companies Invest Buffalo Niagara (InBN) helped navigate the complex expansion process.

Avanti Advanced Manufacturing


$520,000 investment | 6 new jobs, 9 retained jobs

Jim Wei, Avanti Advanced Manufacturing.

Avanti Advanced Manufacturing is a custom injection moulding company that originally expanded to the Buffalo Niagara region from southern Ontario in 2011. InBN facilitated original facilitated the original project.

Since then, the company has steadily grown in Buffalo, purchasing a second building locally. Avanti bid on additional contract manufacturing work, which could have shifted workforce totals to multiple different locations. InBN helped build the case for Buffalo, including the navigation of incentive applications and highlighting of workforce data and available space. Avanti secured the new contracts and expanded its footprint in Buffalo Niagara by 15,000 sq. ft., adding jobs and saving those at risk of relocation.

GVA Lightning

$525,000 | 13 new jobs

GVA Lighting is a Canadian-based company designing and manufacturing architectural and commercial LED. The company had 30-40% of their sales in the US and 65% of their raw materials were sourced in the US, creating a compelling case for expansion. The company cited ‘Made in USA’ label requirements as a motivation. InBN managed the cross border project—coordinating incorporation concerns, immigration applications, US tax and accounting set-up, workforce data, incentive packages, and a full site search.

The company leased 5,518 sq. ft. in Cheektowaga for US assembly operations, landing a large U.S. contract thanks, in part, to the expansion.

JLD Epoxy Coating Rebar Inc

$2,000,000 investment | 15 new jobs

TemCorp is a Stoney Creek, Ont.-based company with six employees that was looking to relocate into the US. The company applies an epoxy coating to rebar.

The leadership team felt that the size of the US market and the number construction projects would allow the business to grow. The company wanted a location close to the Canadian border so that they could still service their Canadian based customers and projects.

InBN assisted the company with information on US tax and accounting, recruiting sources, wage data, and funding options. We also completed a site broadcast for the company based on their building needs. The company toured multiple sites as well. After a site was found, JLD Epoxy Coating Rebar Inc. was founded as the US branch of TempCorp.

Downtown Buffalo.

MicroArt Services Inc.

$448,000 investment | 25 new jobs, 2 retained jobs

MicroArt Services is a Canadian-based electronics manufacturer of circuit boards for the aerospace and medical device industries. The company has 250 employees in Canada. They saw their US sales growing to 20% and decided US expansion or acquisition would help ease that process and increase the volume.

The company expanded to Buffalo Niagara via acquisition and was enticed by InBN’s Guide to Canadian Business Expansion. InBN facilitated cross border due diligence meetings to guide them on how best to establish the company in the U.S., identify tax and accounting strategies, understand the local workforce, and coordinate incentive applications. Analytics Global LLC

$120,000 investment | 10 jobs Analytics Global LLC provides big data SaaS for business modeling and analytics. The owner and founder of, who is a US citizen and US military veteran, wanted to establish a US facing operation replicating the Canadian operation for US government contracts.

Through an InBN speaking engagement, the company was introduced to our services.

InBN assisted in connecting the founder with professional services for legal and accounting for establishing a U.S. entity. InBN also facilitated site tours of incubator space throughout Western New York. Following the confirmation of U.S. government contracts, the company worked quickly to make official their U.S. expansion.

Uratech Tooling Technologies

$200,000 investment | 4 new jobs

Uratech is a Canadian-based manufacturer and distributor of both plastic and stainless-steel carts. The company has 15 employees in Canada and seven employees in India. Though Uratech had some US sales, the company was faced with border fees and delays, which was limiting US growth. The company began asking questions of InBN in 2015.

InBN coordinated cross border meetings with local experts in immigration, tax, banking, and workforce to assist them in understanding how best to establish their new US facility. Uratech eventually moved forward with a lease of 1,000 square feet in Orchard Park encompassing sales and shipment capabilities, with the goal of expanding into manufacturing in the future.

If you’d like to join this list of companies for 2019 or if you are curious about InBN’s capabilities click here.

Buffalo native Carolyn Powell is a member of Invest Buffalo Niagara’s Business Development team, where she focuses on the Canadian market. She is an integral resource to Canadian companies seeking to establish a US location, especially as they navigate issues of international due diligence such as immigration procedures, business setup, workforce, and locating needed local resources.


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