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Photo: Beckhoff

Beckhoff new AA3100 is designed as a drop-in replacement for hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. AA3100 devices leverage an ISO 15552 flange size and bolting points on both sides and an external thread mount on the shaft end of the spindle to mount ball heads, clamping hooks or other common adapters.

There are two variants:


  • 5,300 N peak force, 1,300 N continuous force and 0.28 m/s maximum speed.
  • 2,650 N peak force, 650 N continuous force and 0.56 m/s maximum speed.


  • 12,500 N peak force, 2,800 N continuous force and 0.12 m/s maximum speed.
  • 6,000 N peak force, 1,400 N continuous force and 0.24 m/s maximum speed.

AA3100 features:

  • Integrated mechanism: devices feature precise roller bearings, ball screw and guide.
  • Commissioning: a 24-bit multiturn encoder with high resolution, one cable technology and an electronic identification plate.
  • Data access: TwinCAT 3 automation software automatically configures position travel limits and known position offset for the encoder after reading in the device’s electronic nameplate.
  • Customizability: a range of spindle pitches and a backlash-free holding brake are available.


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