Insight Government Manufacturing Economy General
August 25, 2020  

Federal finances remain vulnerable to fluctuating interest rates

An increase could lead the government into a downward cycle of increased deficits, and that means higher taxes.

Insight Aerospace Economy General
August 13, 2020  

Bombardier the poster child of pork barrel cronyism

Instead of picking winners and losers, governments should step back and let markets work.

Insight Manufacturing Economy General
July 9, 2020  

Next Generation Manufacturing: A supercluster update

NGen’s goal is to enable capabilities no individual company or organization can achieve on its own.

Insight Government Manufacturing Economy General
June 11, 2020  

Canada’s debt is piling up again from deficit spending

Our ability to deal with the economic effects of COVID-19 is really a fiscal dividend from the actions of earlier governments.

Insight Energy Sustainability
June 9, 2020  

Is the low-carbon future upon us now?

Without major technological breakthroughs, the costs of moving quickly to a far less carbon-intensive economy are painfully high.

Insight Manufacturing Economy General
June 4, 2020  

The new normal will come with a cost

Looking ahead, prepare for other unanticipated crisis events.

Insight Energy General Sustainability
June 2, 2020  

Practical ways to tackle Canada’s emissions problems

Climate warriors spend a great deal of time condemning current practices without offering realistic solutions.

Insight Manufacturing Business Operations Economy
May 28, 2020  

Take baby steps toward restarting Canada’s economy

Governments rightly are cautious about moving too quickly, given how easily COVID-19 is transmitted.

Insight Government Manufacturing General
May 26, 2020  

Capital gains tax hike would cripple investment in Canada

Increasing the federal tax would be anti-investment, anti-entrepreneurship, anti-innovation and anti-green.

Insight Manufacturing Technology
April 30, 2020  

Industry 4.0: Technology and the human side of change

Work with existing employees to implement new technologies in a way that is still beneficial to all.

Insight Government Manufacturing Economy General
April 28, 2020  

Trade deal will frustrate quest for COVID-19 vaccine

Industry’s rapid response is a reminder to support and protect biopharmaceutical innovation.

Insight Manufacturing Business Operations Economy
April 21, 2020  

Manufacturers are responding to COVID-19

They’re helping to meet critical shortages of health care products for diagnosing, treating, and preventing the virus.

Insight Manufacturing General
April 16, 2020  

A COVID-19 virus update for manufacturers

Feeling the impact but responding to the needs of healthcare facilities, frontline workers and Canadians.

Insight Energy Manufacturing General
April 9, 2020  

Energy sector helping Canada weather COVID-19 storm

How the energy industry is supported now will determine Canada’s future economic health and its role as a global supplier.

Insight Manufacturing General
March 12, 2020  

Making a case for collaborative networks

World-class manufacturing capabilities are built on well functioning, collaborative networks.