Insight Government Manufacturing Economy General
December 11, 2019  

Sluggish investment threatens Canada’s prosperity

The only way to raise living standards and incomes is by building a more productive economy, yet politicians are mum on the subject.

Insight Manufacturing General
November 28, 2019  

Want the best out of each employee?

Stop trying to fix their failings.

Insight Manufacturing General
November 18, 2019  

Unifying teams starts with a leader admitting being wrong

Show humility, admit when you are wrong, show resilience and your team will too.

Insight Manufacturing General
November 14, 2019  

Communicating the vision is as important as having one

Actions can change overnight with the right level of context and understanding.

Insight Government Manufacturing Business Operations General
October 29, 2019  

Looking to expand your business beyond Canada?

Tap Canada’s trade commissioners to help access global markets.

Insight Government Manufacturing General
October 22, 2019  

Election 2019: Post-election checklist for business

Tips on people, places and things that will get you started.

Insight Government Manufacturing General
October 17, 2019  

Election 2019: What happens after voting?

Watch the post-election activity and stay close to the influencers in government.

Insight Government Manufacturing General
October 15, 2019  

Election 2019: It’s time. Are you ready to vote?

Watch the parties and candidates closely to see what they are saying to lock down your vote.

Insight Government Manufacturing General
October 11, 2019  

Election 2019: Want to back a political candidate?

There are new rules for this federal election.

Insight Manufacturing General
September 23, 2019  

New approaches needed 
for workforce development

The use of new digital technlogies is reshaping the way education and training is being delivered.

Insight Government Manufacturing Economy General
September 18, 2019  

Death by 1,000 cuts: Confront your local candidates

Your chance to confront candidates about policies that drive away investment.

Insight Government Manufacturing General
September 12, 2019  

Election 2019: Three things that change when the writ is dropped

Enforce your policy around political visits, review party platforms and watch for opportunities to meet local candidates.

Insight Manufacturing Economy General
September 10, 2019  

Manufacturer group warns of gathering economic storm

A slowdown is coming as Canada is woefully unprepared to weather its first recession in over a decade.

Insight Government Manufacturing General
September 5, 2019  

Asked to host a politician? Know your limits

Be aware of the distinction between government and politics as election time approaches.

Insight Manufacturing General Technology
August 19, 2019  

Factories of the future 
set standards for excellence

There’s a clear vision of how technology and data are to be used for gaining competitive advantage.