Insight Government Manufacturing Economy General
August 20, 2018  

Canada needs tax reform, not tinkering

A response is needed to US policies that have reduced personal and business-related taxes.

Insight Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
July 24, 2018  

Federal carbon tax seems destined to fail

PEI has added itself to the list of carbon tax opponents, following Ontario, and the list is growing.

Insight Manufacturing Economy
July 16, 2018  

We don’t want to go where trade wars have taken us before

Trump is not deterred by economists’ warnings of a global trade war that could usher in a new depression.

Insight Automotive Manufacturing General
July 5, 2018  

Driverless vehicles: not such a great idea

Better to leave the big driving decisions in human hands.

Insight Government Manufacturing Economy General
July 3, 2018  

Busting the minimum wage myth

Studies show raising it actually eliminates employment opportunities.

Insight Food & Beverage Government Manufacturing General
June 27, 2018  

Canadians are going Trump free until it becomes too expensive

But consumers are fickle and will opt for the product that offers the best quality for the lowest price.

Insight Government Manufacturing General
June 19, 2018  

Canada’s push for unfettered trade should begin at home

Supply management is protectionism by another name and shouldn’t be ignored as we seek freer trade.

Insight Government Manufacturing Economy General
June 14, 2018  

Economic incentives pay dividends

Recognizing incentives matter requires a reversal of many economic policies enacted by the Trudeau government.

Insight Food & Beverage Government Manufacturing General
June 11, 2018  

Dairy in Trump’s crosshairs: industry finally showing signs of common sense

Supply management 2.0 is finally here: farmers will need to develop new skill sets.

Insight Energy Government Manufacturing Oil & Gas General
June 4, 2018  

Why build a pipeline if we prohibit oil tanker traffic?

Bill C-48 would indefinitely ban most oil tankers loading or unloading anywhere on the BC north coast.

Insight Manufacturing General
May 31, 2018  

The need to nurture a skills economy

We can’t talk about the future of work without also talking about the future of education.

Insight Manufacturing Economy General
May 28, 2018  

Canada must escape the corporate welfare trap

…to restore Canada’s business tax advantage over the US.

Insight Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General
May 22, 2018  

Pipeline obstructionism costing Canada billions

Canadian oil producers will lose $15.8 billion in revenue this year.

Insight Government Manufacturing Sustainability
May 16, 2018  

Carbon, for what it’s worth

We’ll pay a high price for government efforts to do a poor job of reducing emissions.

Insight Government Manufacturing Economy General
May 14, 2018  

Ontario Liberals, PCs both wrong on minimum wage policy

A better plan would be a work-based subsidy that provides a cash transfer