Growth Tips: When marketing “different” is good

By Andrew Shedden   

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How to strengthen your uniqueness to really stand out.

If you choose to follow a competitive strategy based on differentiation, you are competing on the unique (or relatively unique) way you arrange your business activities. There are two crucial points to keep in mind if you want to strengthen your differentiation and really stand out.

1. Your “uniqueness” must be meaningful. What is most desirable to your target market? Understand what your prospects see as important. Guessing or “just knowing” what is not good enough. Survey your prospects.

2. Create and communicate an effective value proposition on a consistent basis. Focus on the value you bring to your specific marketplace. Harvard’s Michael Porter advises your value proposition is who you are serving, what needs your company addresses, and at what relative price.

Andrew Shedden is an industrial marketing consultant who helps manufacturing and industrial (B2B) companies increase profitable growth. To find out more about his next free business-growth webinar visit his website.



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