Growth Tips: Selling without a presentation

Andrew Shedden   

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Keep it simple and tie in the prospect’s main problems with your solutions.

After salespeople demonstrate the consequences of their prospects’ pain and create a compelling future filled with positive outcomes, then what?

The usual answer is to rush into making a presentation. But being a bit of a contrarian industrial marketing consultant, my advice is proceed with caution. As Neil Rackham, the author of SPIN Selling notes, the presentation is where the sale is lost.

Many salespeople come into the boardroom with PowerPoints blazing. Slides, audio clips, and videos can overwhelm prospects with meaningless information; so ditch the PowerPoint and create short and meaningful presentations.

High-performing salespeople have simple presentations that prove they actively listened to their prospects’ concerns. They repeat what they learned during the gathering of information and tie it into the specific ways their solutions address problems and deliver a compelling future.


Successful presentations sum up the information gathering: no more, no less.

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