Growth Tips: Don’t waste words

Andrew Shedden   

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Inwardly focused communications won’t motivate prospects.

Inwardly-focused communications won’t motivate your prospects: they want communications that provide value. You’ll have seen some of the following on company websites or in printed marketing materials:

• Our company is great.

• We have a fleet of new delivery trucks.

• We have a state of the art manufacturing facility.


• We have the most dedicated employees in the industry.

• We have a management team with over 900 years of combined experience.

• We live to serve our customers.

As far as early stage buyers are concerned, all of these sentences are wasted words. Your prospects want communications that help them sort and simplify a mass of conflicting information. They want communications that will help them improve performance.

Focus on unbiased, prospect-focused communications that educate and help prospects evaluate options.

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