Shoring up our future closer to home. AME’s whitepaper "A Manufacturing Marshall Plan" calls for reshoring, nearshoring and leanshoring. #mfg #manufacturing

Chastened Trump follows debate rules, mostly, in rematch with Biden. Measured exchanges and cool tempers, but flashes of anger and frustration on both sides.
#mfg #manufacturing

Quebec pork plant outbreak grows, Alberta boosting travel industry . 62 workers at an Olymel plant tested positive for the novel coronavirus. #mfg #manufacturing

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Welding Fixtures
Matritech Inc.

Matritech Inc. can provide custom built welding fixtures. As a specialist in metal parts manufacturing, we offer a wide range of services, from extrusio...

Steel Key Stock
Daemar Inc.

Steel keystock from Daemar Inc. can help make sure your parts stay in the right spot within your assemblies. Available in a variety of different sizes, ...

Manufactured Stone
Century Machine Inc

We manufacture a variety of abrasive stones. Our selection ranges from resin bond and vitrified bonds to silicon carbide. They offer fast and efficient ...

Chevrier Instruments Inc.

Our selection of controllers allows you to attain the perfect settings in your electronics. Whether you need to maintain the perfect temperature or want...

Compressed Air Cooling Systems
Exair Corporation

EXAIR compressed-air powered Cabinet Cooler systems are a low-cost, maintenance free and reliable way to cool and purge electronic cabinets. E...

Frasers Product
Bell & Mackenzie

We can provide types of sand including silica sand, garnet sand, olivine sand, and nepheline syenite. Our products are used for applications ranging fro...