Feature Manufacturing General
December 15, 2020  

High productivity gains: Achieve them with cross training

Build agility by building employees’ abilities.

News Manufacturing Economy General
September 3, 2020  

Labour productivity posts strong gain in Q2: Statistics Canada

…but hours worked fall at a much faster pace than output, 30.6 million in manufacturing

Insight Government Manufacturing Economy General
December 11, 2019  

Sluggish investment threatens Canada’s prosperity

The only way to raise living standards and incomes is by building a more productive economy, yet politicians are mum on the subject.

News Manufacturing Economy General
October 21, 2019  

Skills shortage hampers manufacturers’ competitiveness: CME

Survey shows 85% of companies from across Canada are having trouble filling job vacancies.

Feature Manufacturing General Technology
October 15, 2019  

CAM system improves productivity

High-performance software covers a range of machine tool applications.

News General
July 16, 2019  

Canadians want personalized wellness programs

Survey says they would improve wellbeing and productivity.

News Government Manufacturing Economy
March 19, 2019  

Relying on equalization not a factor in Quebec’s low productivity: author

Province needs to better educate its workforce, stimulate private investment and encourage innovation.

News Government Manufacturing Metals General
March 12, 2019  

Ottawa invests $100M in steel, aluminum SMEs across Canada

Manufacturers and users will get non-repayable contributions for productivity and technology projects.

Feature Manufacturing General Production
September 24, 2018  

Distinguish between genuine and apparent efficiency

True kaizen generates no waste and reduces costs.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations
December 10, 2017  

Explore the abstract: Look beyond the circle with your audits

Applying basic principals such as 5S+1 leads to productivity improvements.

News Manufacturing General
November 6, 2017  

EMC session focuses on strategies and benefits of standard work

Free event will help manufacturers address productivity and quality issues.

Feature Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
August 17, 2017  

Get organized: shadow boards improve plant productivity

Set up tools as runners, repeaters and strangers to save time and effort.

Insight Manufacturing General
August 14, 2017  

Automation: resistance is futile, our workforces must adapt

Nearly 50% of the Canadian labour force is at high risk within the next two decades, so how should we prepare?

News Manufacturing General
August 14, 2017  

Eldercare issues are sapping almost $1.3B in productivity

Conference Board report says employers have a role to play to help employees balance work and family obligations.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations
July 5, 2017  

Covering your assets

Tap into a CMMS system’s by avoiding common application pitfalls.