Growth Tips: Exceeding customers’ expectations

Every customer touch point must make a positive statement.

February 11, 2015   Andrew Shedden

Have you ever considered how low the buyer’s expectations have sunk?

Some experiences many have endured from sellers are: surly behaviour, little product knowledge, late deliveries and an awful lot of apathy. All of these problems (and many more) add to the daily drudgery and disappointment when making a purchase.

It’s always a good practice to keep these negative expectations in mind when structuring your customer buying experiences. Every interaction a prospect has with your company should be designed to exceed customer expectations, from the way your phone is answered through your after sales support. Every customer touch point must make a positive statement.

The good news: doing so is easy. Simply be certain every staff member in your organization is both empathic and present. Make sure they’re all engaged, respectful and helpful. Ensure they help customers make wise purchasing decisions.


Another way is to look at the typical buying experience and provide the opposite.

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