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February 17, 2015   Joe Terrett

Have you read news about manufacturing, government or industry on and felt compelled to speak up? There’s a comment section below each online item where you can vent! Here are some clips of recent comments. Click on the news items to see what has people talking and the complete comments. Feel free to join in!

IEA sees Canada crude output growing, but slower
Global oil capacity hitting 103.2 million barrels by the end of the decade.

Oil prices have fallen from $110.00 a barrel to $50.00 a barrel– How come gas prices have only dropped by 15%?…

Ont. safety inspectors issue 130 stop work orders
Blitz reveals hundreds of violations at industrial workplaces.

I am pleased to see that safety is still a very strong concern. I hope that we continue to see that workers here in Ontario and all over Canada feel comfortable working safely….

Blitz/ This is a crock. Do squat and then blitz! Try being proactive and assisting manufacturers in having a safe work environment…

Canada threatens to block US ferry project over steel requirements
Terminal sits on Canadian soil that’s leased by the state of Alaska.

The North American Free Trade Agreement was supposed to eliminate provisions such as “buy American” from government funded projects, where we are concerned…

Canadian steel is supposed to be exempt from ‘Buy American’ provisions ANYWHERE in the United States.

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