January 19, 2017

Largest racing motion simulator centre in Canada launched

D-Box provides 10 state-of-the-art racecar simulators for ICAR circuit.

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Feb 15 2017

2017 Kaizen Conference
351 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

Mar 07-11 2017

IFPE 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada

Mar 21 2017

2017 Dare to Compete [un]Conference
375 York Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3J3

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Megger offers portable appliance testers that simplify safety testing

Megger offers a range of sophisticated testing equipment for electrical products, in response to eve...

Matritech offers laser cutting services using the best equipment

Matritech’s manufacturing flexibility enables it to use the right processes to suit the project. T...

Denso tape provides corrosion protection for Wedge Tower

Denso’s protective coatings and tape systems have been used successfully in all types of projects....

Innovative rotary gear pumps offer versatility and high performance

York Fluid Controls is proud to offer products from Gorman-Rupp, a company known for manufacturing i...

Bergen offers many options for cable assemblies

Bergen Cable is known for providing reliable cable assemblies. But the first step to building an ide...

Rosta oscillating elements make food processing exceptionally compact

One example of Rosta's many success stories is when it developed an oscillating element system to en...

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Threaded Bushings

For decades, Cords Canada Ltd. has supplied bushings, grommets, spacers, washers, bumpers, bolts ...

Signal Conditioners made by SINEAX and Shinko North America

We distribute signal conditioners that provide a wide range of functionality for your business. E...

Cabinet Cooling Air Conditioners Including 1700 BTU/hr Models

EXAIR compressed-air powered Cabinet Cooler systems are a low-cost, maintenance free and reliable...

Garment Conveyors for Greater Organization and Space-Efficiency

Garment conveyors from SRS Conveyors can help you store any type of clothing conveniently and saf...

Tool makers from Matritech Inc.

We have the knowledge and experience as tool makers necessary to deliver products that exceed you...

Lamps Including Deuterium and Hollow Cathode Types

At Heraeus Noblelight, we manufacture efficient industrial heating and lighting processes, and st...