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December 10, 2021  

Keep proper hard hat use top of mind

Although masks may be dominating the headlines lately for their role in public safety, you’d be hard pressed to find a more universal workplace safety symbol than the hard hat.

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November 8, 2021  

Nissan Canada certified as a Great Place to Work in 2021

Nissan Canada Inc. has been certified as a Great

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October 29, 2021  

CCOHS reminds workplaces to include safety practices on Take Our Kids to Work day

On November 3, grade nine students across Canada will

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May 7, 2021  

Checking-in on invisible Workplace Hazards

With regular check-ins and a commitment to worker-well-being, psychological hazards can be addressed and supported, increasing the health of workers and their general wellbeing.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations
November 10, 2020  

Clearing the air: Identify and address breathing hazards

Steps to take that will improve workplace health and safety.

News Manufacturing General
October 14, 2020  

Online tool kit helps workplaces build customized COVID-19 plan

Hub provides one-stop access to more than 40 free resources to protect everyone.

Feature Manufacturing Technology
July 29, 2020  

Keep your distance: New Wearable device sends proximity alert

Two Quebec companies create a company to make the Social Distancer.

News Manufacturing General
February 10, 2020  

How workplaces can prepare for possible coronavirus outbreak

Combat misinformation, repeat hygiene tips, be clear on sick leave policies, prepare for the possibility of mass absenteeism.

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October 16, 2019  

Worker injury leads to $45,000 fine for Guelph manufacturer

Fell off a boom truck at Skyjack plant, sustained critical injuries.

News Manufacturing General
August 15, 2019  

Critical injury results in $50,000 fine for Kitchener manufacturer

Worker was pinned between two rollers while a printing machine was operating.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations
August 1, 2019  

Protect employees from workplace violence and harassment

Create a written policy that provides a protocol for reporting incidents.

News General
July 16, 2019  

Canadians want personalized wellness programs

Survey says they would improve wellbeing and productivity.

Feature Manufacturing General
June 20, 2019  

Keep it civil in the workplace

It’s good for the bottom line.

Feature Manufacturing General
April 16, 2019  

Legalized cannabis: Address the safety and accommodation issues

Put policies and procedures in place to keep everyone safe.

Feature Manufacturing General
March 26, 2019  

Silent but deadly: Beware carbon monoxide poisoning hazards

High concentrations of the gas can lead to a loss of consciousness, even death.

Feature Manufacturing General
December 11, 2018  

Strain leads to pain: How to recognize and prevent RSI issues

It’s best to address the source of repetitive strain injuries.

News Manufacturing General
November 13, 2018  

Protect students on Take Our Kids to Work day

CCOHS says make sure they are aware of workplace hazards and safety requirements.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations
November 8, 2018  

Play it cool: How to avoid heat-related illnesses

Watch for signs of heat exhaustion among workers.

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October 16, 2018  

Concerned about how legalized pot impacts your company?

Some tools and information to help you see through the haze.

Feature Manufacturing General
August 8, 2018  

Workplace drug use: Legalized pot a buzz-killer for employers

How decriminalizing marijuana will impact management strategies.

Feature Manufacturing General
June 20, 2018  

Harassment in the workplace: Define it and be prepared to act

Recognizing and reporting it is a step toward prevention.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 26, 2018  

Workplace substance use policies would help employers: report

Loss of productivity, absenteeism, increased costs cited as outcomes of unaddressed substance-use issues.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
March 28, 2018  

G7 reps discuss workplace sexual harassment

Delegates acknowledged that the issue needs to be explored collaboratively.

News Manufacturing General
February 6, 2018  

CCOHS provides tools to access and address mental health

Use the eight-step process to conduct a thorough workplace audit.

News Manufacturing General
February 1, 2018  

CCOHS e-course addresses impairment in the workplace

Covers impact and causes, plus having a workplace policy and procedures.

News Government Manufacturing General
January 15, 2018  

Ontario stepping up enforcement to protect worker rights

Government is making sure new worker rights under its plan for Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs are followed.

Feature Manufacturing General
December 10, 2017  

Inspect to correct: How to hunt for workplace hazards

Hazards exist under desks, on the plant floor, in

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June 11, 2015  

Dude, Check out your new drug plan!

What you need to know about medical marijuana.

Insight Manufacturing Business Operations General
February 19, 2015  

Getting a handle on shift work

How to avoid the negative effects on workers.

Event Manufacturing General
February 4, 2015  

Partners in Prevention 2015

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) presents its annual