Insight Manufacturing General
December 1, 2020  

New era of intelligent manufacturing

World Manufacturing Forum emphasizes the importance of innovation, focuses on how AI trends define the future.

News Automotive General Technology
November 24, 2020  

Researcher develops innovative way to look inside lithium ion batteries

Rapid testing of the particles inside a lithium ion battery at the nano scale wins Audrey Taylor a Mitacs award.

News Manufacturing General
September 21, 2020  

COVID-19 industry leadership honours: The recap

10 awards recognized everything from excellence in PPE production to tech that detects the corona virus.

Insight Manufacturing Economy General
July 9, 2020  

Next Generation Manufacturing: A supercluster update

NGen’s goal is to enable capabilities no individual company or organization can achieve on its own.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
May 26, 2020  

MPs told to use pandemic to stop brain drain as CERB payments top $40B

Government should create a program to put Canadian innovation students to work domestically, says Council of Canadian Innovators chair.

News Manufacturing Economy General
May 20, 2020  

COVID-19 is exposing Canada’s economic vulnerabilities: experts

Further exposed dependence on purchasing goods and technology offshore with profits from primary resource industries.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
May 7, 2020  

Honda producing protective gear for Alliston healthcare workers

Automaker deploys 3D printers and collaborates with Georgian College to produce face shields.

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations General
April 30, 2020  

Got a business idea to help combat COVID-19?

Mitacs announces initiative to speed up application process and access to research talent for SMEs.

News Electronics General
February 11, 2020  

Hardware Catalyst Initiative silicon incubator hits the ground running

Provides support to southern Ontario firms developing hardware solutions; first cohort of eight companies has been announced.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General
November 19, 2019  

AGT’s technology innovation of the year

Award goes to Quebec robotics company.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 18, 2019  

Groupe Tremblay gets $925,925 in federal steel innovation funding

Steel company will acquire equipment to implement a new cathode plate manufacturing process and automate production.

News Government Manufacturing Metals General
June 19, 2019  

Alcoa gets $10M from feds for a Quebec aluminum plant

Part of an $85 million investment in cutting-edge technology that will increase lower cost aluminum production.

Feature Automotive Manufacturing Economy General
June 17, 2019  

Reshaping the auto industry: Technology innovation is the way ahead

Global restructuring is underway; bold moves are needed.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General Technology
May 21, 2019  

Trudeau credits immigration for Canada’s growing tech sector

Also cited the federal government’s investments in education and research as reasons for success.

Feature Electronics Manufacturing General Technology
May 16, 2019  

Playing it smart: Meet the Ontario Exporter of the Year

Laipac Technology takes on the world with smart and engaging consumer electronics.