News Electronics Manufacturing General Sustainability
August 11, 2020  

CREATE SEED initiative to tackle e-waste and promote eco-design

Will optimize reclaiming valuable materials while rethinking how the electronics supply chain functions.

News Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
July 27, 2020  

Suncor Energy facing environmental charges for refinery incident

Related to contravening a term or condition of an approval relating to a July 2018 incident.

News Automotive General Production Sustainability
July 23, 2020  

Tesla picks Texas site for second US vehicle assembly plant

Austin gets the nod to build upcoming Cybertruck pickup, and second US site for the Model Y small SUV.

News Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
July 22, 2020  

Invest $50B in green projects for post-pandemic stimulus: experts

Biggest ticket proposal is $27 billion for retrofitting buildings to be more energy efficient.

News Energy General Sustainability
July 17, 2020  

New pipelines and mines must show path to ‘net zero’

The Impact Assessment Act was passed before the last election to overhaul how federal environmental assessments are done

News Construction Manufacturing General Sustainability Technology
July 16, 2020  

Nexii is building three new green construction plants

Production facilities in Toronto, Alberta and Hazelton, Pa. will create 450 jobs.

News Energy General Sustainability
July 16, 2020  

Innergex acquires six operating wind farms in the US

The $77.3 million deal with Terna Energy involves a total installed capacity of 138 megawatts.

News Energy General Sustainability
July 16, 2020  

Aid for energy heavily fossil-weighted in COVID-19 response

Ottawa and the provinces have put very little on the table to help clean-tech companies.

News Government General Sustainability
July 16, 2020  

Trump reins in major environmental law to speed big projects

Environmental groups say the regulatory rollbacks threaten public health and make it harder to curb global warming.

News Food & Beverage Sustainability
July 14, 2020  

McCain Foods focuses on more sustainable French fries

Three Farms of the Future will showcase how regenerative farming practices and the latest agricultural technology can be implemented at scale.

News Aerospace Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
July 8, 2020  

Air Transat signs deal to use jet fuel made from captured CO2

SAF+ Consortium is setting up a pilot plant in Montreal to make the kerosene used for synthetic jet fuel.

News Manufacturing General Sustainability
June 17, 2020  

Transdev Canada adds 27 electric school buses to its Quebec fleet

Global transportation company plans to electrify 100% of its Quebec school buses by 2025.

News Energy Government Oil & Gas General Sustainability
June 16, 2020  

Scientists criticize Alberta’s monitoring suspension, lack of consultation

Most of it could have been done safely, says Jay White, president of the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists.

News Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
June 16, 2020  

Rolling back environmental regulations during COVID-19 is short-sighted

But these changes come with large risks, short-term environmental damage can have long-term effects.

News Government Sustainability
June 10, 2020  

Greta pushes Canada, Norway, on climate before UN Security Council vote

Wants commitment to no new oil and gas exploration or production, and phase out existing production.