EV expert recommendations for tackling Canada’s EV supply challenges

Monica Ferguson   

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Clean Energy Canada and Electric Mobility Canada released recommendations for how Canada can design an effective zero-emission vehicle mandate, and fix Canada’s EV supply problem.

High EV demand is being held back by supply issues, with wait lists ranging from months to years. Automakers are sending their EV inventory to jurisdictions that already have supply regulation, like B.C., Quebec, and California, leaving less for the rest of the country.

The recommendations point out that a well-designed mandate is imperative to even out supply and ensure automakers prioritize all of Canada when deciding where to send EVs.


“A national ZEV mandate is the most cost-effective way to cut carbon pollution and ensure Canada meets its ZEV sales targets,” said Joanna Kyriazis, clean transportation manager, Clean Energy Canada. “Increasing access to EVs also protects Canadians from rising fossil fuel prices while supporting our burgeoning EV manufacturing and battery industry.”


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