The Canadian Government announced an investment of over $1.8 million under the AgriAssurance Program to assist Bioindustrial Innovation Canada to develop quality standards to accelerate growth of the bioeconomy in the agriculture sector.

“The bioeconomy will allow us to maximize the use of our agricultural resources, including leftover by-products,” said The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, minister of agriculture and agri-food. “By adding value to products once considered to be waste and ensuring the quality of these bioproducts through strict quality standards, we will help strengthen Canada’s position as a leader in sustainable agriculture while creating new revenue sources for our agricultural producers.”

Bioindustrial Innovation Canada will work with Biomass Quality Network Canada to develop research-based standards for measuring and assessing the quality of bioproducts made from agricultural sources. This will help producers understand the quality standards needed to market raw materials to processors and equip processors with information and educational tools to assure their customers that bioproducts can replace traditional materials in terms of quality and performance.



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