News Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
June 10, 2020  

German government agrees national hydrogen strategy

Looking to produce it from excess electricity generated by renewable energy sources.

Insight Energy Sustainability
June 9, 2020  

Is the low-carbon future upon us now?

Without major technological breakthroughs, the costs of moving quickly to a far less carbon-intensive economy are painfully high.

News Energy Oil & Gas General Sustainability
June 9, 2020  

Alberta First Nations appeal suspension of monitoring in oilpatch

Appeal argues suspensions were made without any rationale linking specific activities to COVID-19 risks.

News Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General Sustainability
June 5, 2020  

First Nations, environmentalists ask for restart of oilpatch monitoring

Companies no longer have to monitor fumes released by burning, or look for and repair leaks of methane, a greenhouse gas.

News Construction Government General Sustainability
June 5, 2020  

Trump seeks to scale back environmental reviews for projects

Latest efforts to emphasize reduced regulatory burdens on businesses over the environment and public health.

Insight Energy General Sustainability
June 2, 2020  

Practical ways to tackle Canada’s emissions problems

Climate warriors spend a great deal of time condemning current practices without offering realistic solutions.

News Manufacturing General Sustainability
May 20, 2020  

World carbon pollution falls 17% during pandemic peak: study

…But with life and heat-trapping gas levels inching back toward normal, the break will likely be “a drop in the ocean.”

News Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
May 17, 2020  

Mexico cites virus in slapping down renewable energy

Will affect 28 solar and wind projects ready to go online, 16 more under construction and $6.4 billion in investments, much of it from foreign firms.

News Energy Government Economy General Sustainability
May 12, 2020  

Oilpatch welcomes federal aid despite climate change condition

Toews says companies shouldn’t face problems with the requirement to help meet federal climate change commitments.

Feature Food & Beverage General Sustainability
May 7, 2020  

Carbon neutral: Maple Leaf Foods aligns with Paris goals

The first major food company in the world to hit the target.

News Energy General Sustainability
May 7, 2020  

Alberta suspends environmental monitoring rules for oil sands

Follows suspended environmental reporting requirements for all industry amid COVID-19 concerns.

News Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
April 8, 2020  

COVID-19 outbreak triggers drop in climate changing emissions: report

US Energy Department projects a 7.5% drop in fossil fuel emissions for 2020.

News Chemicals Manufacturing General Sustainability
March 31, 2020  

Judge dismisses Chemours lawsuit against DuPont

Alleged DuPont deliberately lowballed the cost of environmental liabilities.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
March 31, 2020  

New Trump mileage standards to gut Obama climate effort

Would have encouraged automakers to ramp up production of electric vehicles and more fuel-efficient gas and diesel vehicles.

News Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General Sustainability
March 30, 2020  

Big energy’s interest in renewable energy investments expected to waver

Report says that won’t likely slow overall investment; fossil fuel players weren’t putting much money into it anyway.