Feature Chemicals General Technology
October 20, 2020  

Controllable membrane to pull CO2 out of exhaust streams

Electrically switchable system continuously separates gases without moving parts or wasted space.

News Aerospace Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
July 8, 2020  

Air Transat signs deal to use jet fuel made from captured CO2

SAF+ Consortium is setting up a pilot plant in Montreal to make the kerosene used for synthetic jet fuel.

News Chemicals Manufacturing General Sustainability
November 5, 2019  

CO2 converted to methanol using ‘artificial leaf’ process: Study

University of Waterloo researcher mimics photosynthesis to convert solar energy into fuel.

News Manufacturing Minerals General Sustainability
July 25, 2019  

UBC research on capturing carbon from mining secures federal funding

NRC has awarded $2 million for testing of techniques at the Gahcho Kue diamond mine in the Northwest Territories.

News Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
April 26, 2019  

UN climate chief warns current path leads to ‘catastrophe’

She warns the world has 12 years until carbon emissions reach “a point of no return.”

News Energy Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
July 30, 2018  

Manitoba moves a step closer to carbon price for large emitters

Government eyeing $25 per tonne on industrial facilities with annual emissions of at least 50,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

News Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
May 9, 2018  

Environment groups pan Liberals for fossil fuels, parks management

Government has kept promises in principle, but not in execution.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations Production Sustainability
June 23, 2017  

St Marys Cement puts CO2 to work

Manufacturing cement products creates a lot of carbon dioxide, but it can be used to grow one of nature’s greenest sources.

Feature Energy Government Manufacturing Oil & Gas General Operations Production Sustainability
December 31, 2014  

Embrace hydrocarbons

Innovator Bob Mitchell says carbon is not the boogeyman; Alberta could lead the world in better energy utilization.

Feature Construction Manufacturing General Sustainability
September 4, 2014  

Putting power into conservation

Four steps to triple bottom line savings.