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October 14, 2020  

Trump makes water demand of farms priority for new office

Environmental groups say corporate farming would leave habitats and wildlife without enough water to survive.

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June 29, 2020  

Ontario proposes new water bottling policies, more municipal power

The planned changes come three years after the former Liberal government enacted a moratorium on new and expanded permits to take water for bottling

News Manufacturing General
April 27, 2020  

Labatt provides cans of water to City of Toronto

Labatt to deliver 223,000 cans of drinking water to assist City of Toronto in COVID-19 relief efforts

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February 4, 2020  

Climate change, pollution and urbanization threaten water in Canada

Where, when, and how much rain, snow or freezing rain falls is changing across the country.

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July 22, 2019  

Canada mine waste prompts calls for better water protection

Want long-term water quality monitoring and to adopt a strict water quality standard for selenium.

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July 5, 2018  

BC regulator fines Kinder Morgan $920 for Water Sustainability Act violations

One ticket for non-compliance in the use of fish spawning deterrents and three related to water volume reporting.

News Food & Beverage General
June 28, 2018  

US allows Nestle to keep taking water from California forest

Allows extraction only when water is available, to protect natural resources in the San Bernardino National Forest.

News Electronics Manufacturing General
January 29, 2018  

Foxconn wants to tap 7 million gallons of water a day

Water form Lake Michigan to primarily serve the planned display panel factory and campus.

News Manufacturing General Sustainability
June 21, 2017  

BIOREM partners with Tus-Material to market its ultrafiltration membranes

Market to grow as the quality and quantity of clean water diminishes worldwide.

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June 20, 2017  

Flow Water’s commitment to mindful hydration

Flow Water commits to the environment with a high-quality healthy beverage in a Tetra Pak container.

News Manufacturing General
April 26, 2017  

Ancient underground water sources not immune to pollution: study

It’s possible for ancient and recent water sources to mingle deep underground.

News Manufacturing General
February 28, 2017  

Study finds peculiar tie between warm climate, slow snowmelt

Helps explain why computer models show rivers fed by mountain snow are expected to run lower.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
January 18, 2017  

UPDATE: Ont. proposes $500 per million litres fee for water bottlers

Posted for a 60-day comment period, bottlers want rules more evenly applied.

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October 17, 2016  

Ontario proposes new rules for bottled water companies

Stricter water taking permit requirements would include studies on the cumulative impact on local supplies.

News Food & Beverage Government Manufacturing General
October 3, 2016  

Wynne wants public consultation in water taking permit review

Currently Ontario charges companies just $3.71 for every million litres of water.