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News Industry Operations Production
January 8, 2021  

Viva Healthcare Packaging to increase production of ‘made in Canada’ PPE

News Industry
October 20, 2020  

‘Toxic’ label will spur wake-up to impact of plastics on health: experts

News Industry
October 13, 2020  

Unilateral ban on single use plastics ignores spirit of USMCA: experts

News Industry
October 8, 2020  

Plastics industry says its products are not ‘toxic’, urges feds to rethink

News Industry Sustainability
September 1, 2020  

Oil companies accused of wanting to dump plastics in Africa

News Industry
June 10, 2020  

Canadian small businesses create solutions to help reduce plastic pollution in oceans

News Industry
May 26, 2020  

Plastics bans, environmental monitoring get short shrift

News Industry
April 30, 2020  

Pyrowave closes second investment round for plastic waste tech

News Industry
February 6, 2020  

Montreal to fully ban plastic bags by end of 2020: Mayor

News Industry
January 30, 2020  

Environment Canada to release science review backing plastics ban

News Industry
November 14, 2019  

Canadian plastics, chemistry associations create plastics division

News Industry
October 31, 2019  

Nova Chemicals becomes first Canadian-based company to participate in OCS Blue

News Industry Sustainability
August 16, 2019  

Ontario shifting responsibility for Blue Box program to manufacturers

News Industry
August 13, 2019  

Trump to promote turning natural gas into plastics in Pennsylvania

News Industry
July 17, 2019  

Cambodia says 11 containers of Canadian trash among illegal shipments

News Industry
July 9, 2019  

Indonesia returning 57 containers of developed world’s waste

News Industry
June 27, 2019  

Provinces, feds meet to find path to better plastics recycling plan

News Industry
June 20, 2019  

Fast food players take tentative steps towards sustainable packaging

News Industry
June 11, 2019  

Single-use plastics ban not expected to hurt petrochemical growth

Feature Industry
June 6, 2019  

Amhil North America takes charge of its energy costs

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News Industry
June 5, 2019  

Radical changes needed to improve Canada’s recycling output: report

News Industry
June 4, 2019  

Poland Spring to use 100% recycled plastic for bottles

News Industry
February 4, 2019  

Pembina proceeding with polypropylene plant venture with Kuwaiti firm

News Industry
January 30, 2019  

Mexican border strikers win agreements at 27 of 45 plants

Event Industry
September 14, 2018  

Plast-Ex 2019

News Industry Sustainability
August 7, 2018  

Plastic degrading in the ocean produces greenhouse gas: study

News Industry
July 9, 2018  

Starbucks, citing ocean threat, is ditching plastic straws from all locations

News Industry Sustainability
June 20, 2018  

Plastic will pile up in wake of China recycling ban: study