Mexican border strikers win agreements at 27 of 45 plants


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Factories make auto parts, medical equipment, plastics and other goods; more than 33% of the city's 130 border plants affected.

MEXICO CITY — Striking workers in the Mexican border city of Matamoros say they have reached deals with 27 of 48 assembly plants, winning wage increases of 20%.

The strikers in Matamoros, south of Brownsville, Tex., have now reached deals with a majority of the plants where more than 25,000 walked out Friday.

The factories make auto parts, medical equipment, plastics and other goods. More than one-third of the city’s 130 border assembly plants were affected.

The Union of Maquiladora Industry Industrial Workers of Matamoros said about 20 companies with a total of 27 plants agreed to raise wages and pay workers a one-time bonus of about $1,685.


The strike was apparently triggered by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s decision to double minimum wages in border areas.



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