News Manufacturing General
November 12, 2021  

Schneider Electric to build three manufacturing plants across North America

Schneider Electric announced it will build and equip three

News Automotive Manufacturing Metals General
September 1, 2021  

Samuel announces new automotive facility in Mexico

Samuel, Son & Co., a metals distributor and industrial

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
October 15, 2020  

Cheese producers react angrily to Mexico seizure over labelling

Business groups said the move by the Economy Department could unfairly damage the reputations of producers.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 9, 2020  

US, Mexican presidents talk USMCA without Canada

Trudeau skipped the meeting citing the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
July 2, 2020  

Mexico celebrates start of new trade accord with US, Canada

Obrador says the trade agreement provide greater certainty to the three countries in their commercial relationships.

News Manufacturing General
June 16, 2020  

Mexico pausing on sending temporary foreign workers after COVID deaths

As many as 5,000 expected to arrive in Canada in the coming months will be held back.

News Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
May 17, 2020  

Mexico cites virus in slapping down renewable energy

Will affect 28 solar and wind projects ready to go online, 16 more under construction and $6.4 billion in investments, much of it from foreign firms.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
May 14, 2020  

Prodded by US, Mexico aims to restart industrial plants

Mexican health officials on May 12 reported its largest single-day jump in COVID-19 case numbers

News Automotive General
May 8, 2020  

Mexico auto plants to reopen as country weighs virus risks

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says maybe May 17 in areas of the country that haven’t been hit hard by the virus.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 22, 2020  

US pressures Mexico to reopen plants amid worker walkouts

Concern virus lockdowns are damaging the flow of parts and goods that feed businesses in the three nations of the North American free trade zone.

News Manufacturing General
April 15, 2020  

Mexico sees widespread noncompliance with business closures

Border state Baja California as has a high level of non-compliance for closures of non-essential businesses.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 13, 2020  

Mexico closes US owned plant for refusal to sell ventilators

Plant was operating as an essential service but not providing it to Mexicans.

News Automotive Manufacturing Economy General Production
January 20, 2020  

Toyota shifting pickup production to Mexico, no US jobs lost

To make up for the lost work, the San Antonio plant will build the Sequoia large SUV.

News Government Manufacturing General
January 16, 2020  

U.S. Senate approves USMCA [UPDATED]

The deal just needs Trump’s signature to be fully approved in the U.S.

News Government Manufacturing General
December 19, 2019  

Democratic-led House expected to give Trump big win on trade

Bill implementing terms of USMCA is expected to pass with bipartisan support.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
December 11, 2019  

Freeland signs USMCA, urges Parliament to ratify as quickly as possible

The Liberal government will need at least one other party to support the ratification.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
December 10, 2019  

Feds face calls to protect aluminum industry as USMCA close to final

Labour concerned amendments may not include a tighter definition on what constitutes North American aluminum.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 22, 2019  

Pence steps up pressure on Congress for USMCA trade deal

The vice-president linked the future prosperity of the US energy sector to approval this year of the agreement.

News Automotive General
July 11, 2019  

As Beetle ends, iconic original thrives in Mexico City hills

The VW factory in Puebla, southeast of the Mexican capital, had long been the only plant in the world still manufacturing Beetles.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 9, 2019  

US to apply tariffs to Mexican fabricated steel imports

Department of Commerce determined Canadian exports do not warrant the tariff.

News Manufacturing General
July 2, 2019  

US manufacturing growth slows in June for 3rd straight month

Trade fights with China, Europe and Mexico, as well as an increase in the greenback’s value, have cut into US exports.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 17, 2019  

Business leaders urge Trudeau to meet Pelosi, as well as Trump to push USMCA

Canadian MPs are to adjourn soon for their summer recess, but could be recalled in the summer to deal with USMCA ratification.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 12, 2019  

Businesses showing discontent with Trump’s trade policies

Use of tariffs is alarming some groups who are disengaging active support for the Republican party.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 11, 2019  

Mexico’s ‘dignity intact’ after US tariff deal

Mexican and U.S. officials reached an accord late Friday that calls on Mexico to crackdown on migrants in exchange for Trump backing off his tariff threat.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 6, 2019  

A ‘lot of progress’ needed to stop 5% Mexico tariff: Trump

Without a deal, the first tariffs are to go into effect June 10.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 5, 2019  

GOP senators line up against Trump’s 5% Mexico tariff plan

Runs counter to a firmly rooted orthodoxy and viewed as nothing more than taxes they strenuously oppose.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
June 4, 2019  

Mexicans launch friendly defensive to deflect US tariffs

Tactics on display in social media respond to an economic and diplomatic emergency.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
June 3, 2019  

US, Mexico officials to begin talks over tariffs, border [UPDATED]

Trump’s Republican allies warn the tariffs on Mexican imports will hit US consumers and harm the economy.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 30, 2019  

Mexican Senate passes labour overhaul to ensure union freedom

New law requires secret-ballot union votes and proof of workers’ consent for contracts.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 1, 2019  

Trump’s threat to close Mexico border stirs fears of economic harm

Move would block incoming shipments of fruits and vegetables, TVs, medical devices and other products.

News Government Manufacturing General
March 4, 2019  

Mexico pushing labour reform, won’t ratify USMCA with US tariffs

Wants a package of labour reform ratified in Mexico’s Congress before its April 30 adjournment.

News Government Manufacturing General
February 28, 2019  

Mexico threw Canada ‘under the bus,’ Liberal MP tells Mexican minister

Bitterness over US-Mexico trade pact last August.