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August 20, 2020  

Maple Leaf suspends pork exports to China after COVID-19 cases

China has adopted new protocols that require Canadian processors who report a positive COVID-19 case to do so.

Feature Food & Beverage General Sustainability
May 7, 2020  

Carbon neutral: Maple Leaf Foods aligns with Paris goals

The first major food company in the world to hit the target.

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November 27, 2018  

Maple Leaf to build new London plant, but shuttering 3 others

Investing an initial $605.5 million into the plant that will serve Eastern Canada and an additional $5 million into related project.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
June 28, 2018  

Maple Leaf Foods buying Cericola Farms poultry plants

Ontario, Quebec plants process a total of about 32 million kilograms of chicken per year.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
May 16, 2018  

Pork to pot: Cultivating cannabis in former Winnipeg Maple Leaf meat plant

The 11,000-square-metre facility will employ about 200 people once it’s fully operational next year.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
February 23, 2017  

Maple Leaf Foods to buy meatless foods producer for $140M

Lightlife will operate as a subsidiary, produce veggie meat products

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
March 2, 2016  

Maple Leaf Foods to invest in bacon plant in Winnipeg

Ends 2015 with a profit following streamlining efforts.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
November 26, 2015  

Maple Leaf Foods trims salaried jobs

Struggling eat processor to eliminate more than 400 positions.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Operations
October 21, 2011  

1,550 Maple Leaf jobs could be saved through sales

The union representing food processing employees facing layoffs say the company could save jobs if it finds buyers for the 10 plants it will shut down

News General
October 14, 2010  

Maple Leaf to market cellulosic ethanol technology in China

CALGARY: Maple Leaf Reforestation Inc. has signed an exclusive