Biz Intelligence Manufacturing General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
July 30, 2020  

Preventing VFD-induced bearing damage in electric motors

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Feature Manufacturing General
July 28, 2020  

Safeguarding machinery: First line of defence

Understand how safeguards protect workers and reduce the risk of injury.

Feature Manufacturing General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
July 21, 2020  

Lube hygiene: Three tips for reducing equipment failure

Poor lubrication practices are to blame most of the time.

News Manufacturing Economy
June 10, 2020  

Report advises manufacturers how to revive economy amid recovery

The report contains recommendations to kick-start economic growth and create jobs in the manufacturing and energy sectors

News Manufacturing General
October 31, 2019  

Worker’s fatal injuries result in $150,000 fine for metal processor

Employee caught in the pinch point of a roller conveyor while it was operating.

News Government Manufacturing General
October 10, 2019  

Business owners say federal policies not a boon to growth

Survey found half of owners polled plan to invest in their businesses in the next 18 months.

Biz Intelligence General
October 1, 2019  

Yes, a bank can assist

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Event Manufacturing General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
September 30, 2019  

Hamilton STLE presents: Machinery on-line monitoring techniques

Education day covers reliability centred maintenance, thermography, vibration monitoring

News Manufacturing General
July 18, 2019  

Eclipse expands into Europe to support growing automation market

Acquisition broadens international capacity and accelerates entry into new and adjacent global markets.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 19, 2019  

Cost to match one Trump business tax cut is $37B: Watchdog

If businesses write off 100% of the cost of equipment and machinery from their taxes.

Event Manufacturing General
April 11, 2019  

Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS)

CMTS, presented by SME, is Canada’s national stage for

News Automotive Manufacturing General
March 21, 2019  

Statistics Canada reports wholesale sales up 0.6% in January

Sales rose in five of the seven subsectors tracked.

Feature Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
March 14, 2019  

Managing fluids: How to keep them cleaner

Follow OEM recommendations and these maintenance tips.

News Manufacturing General
March 12, 2019  

AGI acquires machinery maker Millitec in India for $109.5M

Winnipeg manufacturer moves into the rice processing systems space with a complete product line.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General
March 4, 2019  

Monitor machine processes in 5G

Advanced technology is in development.