Cortec outdoor storage shrink film

Monica Ferguson   

MRO Manufacturing Canada corrosion corrosion protection machinery shrink film

Photo credit: Cortec

Cortec VpCI-126 HP UV shrink film allows for expanding storage outdoors with corrosion protection.

It combines high strength resins with ultraviolet light stabilizers and vapor phase corrosion inhibitor technology. This film construction provides multi-metal protection for parts, equipment, and vehicles for up to three years in aggressive outdoor conditions.

Corrosion inhibitors in the film vaporize and condense on metal surfaces within the enclosed space to protect metals in direct contact with the film and those in recessed areas.

The film can be shrink wrapped with a variety of shrink tools to create a streamlined unit that provides a secure environment for protecting idle assets from the elements.


VpCI-126 HP UV shrink film may be supplemented with other VpCI materials such as VpCI oil additives, VpCI emitters, and VpCI fogging fluid for flexibility and protection.


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