News Manufacturing Economy General Operations
April 7, 2021  

US factory activity expands at fastest pace since 1983

(AP) WASHINGTON – U.S. manufacturers expanded in March at

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March 9, 2021  

Nova Scotia company that retooled factory to make medical gowns loses new tender

(CP) HALIFAX – An Atlantic Canadian undergarment company that

News Manufacturing General Operations
January 6, 2021  

US factories grew in December at fastest pace since mid 2018

U.S. economy collapsed from April through June but since that time manufacturing has posted solid gains

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January 6, 2021  

Thailand to expand virus testing at factories

Expand Covid-19 testing to thousands of factories in a province near Bangkok

News General Operations
January 1, 2021  

Tour factory is ‘like walking back in time’

Newman cigar factory in Tampa FL marks its 125th anniversary

News Manufacturing Operations Production
December 27, 2020  

US plants hope to maintain production despite virus threat

Safeguards that were put in place after the initial wave of the virus

News Business Operations General
December 21, 2020  

Explosion in gunpowder factory in Italy kills 3 people

An explosion in a gunpowder processing factory in a town in

Feature Manufacturing General Technology
May 5, 2020  

Connect to Industry 4.0: Become a factory of the future

How to clear obstacles to digital technology implementation.

News Manufacturing General
February 20, 2020  

Secret, underground cigarette factory in Spain busted

Spanish police and Europol said 20 people from Britain, Ukraine and Lithuania were arrested.

News Manufacturing General
February 20, 2020  

GM gets tax break in Lordstown for new plant next to factory it closed

Joint venture to work together on battery technology with a 75% tax abatement.

News Manufacturing General
May 7, 2019  

Ethiopia’s garment workers are world’s lowest paid: Report

Promoted by government to attract investment, wage now set at the equivalent of US$26 a month.

News Chemicals Manufacturing General
May 6, 2019  

UPDATED: Three, likely four dead in Illinois factory blast

Explosion at plant that makes specialty silicone chemical materials for adhesives, sealants and coatings.

News Manufacturing General
November 14, 2018  

Ontario manufacturer fined for factory accident that left child dead

Worker’s child died after being crushed by a pile of bundled steel tubes that collapsed.

News Electronics Government Manufacturing General Technology
August 17, 2017  

Wisconsin set to approve $3B in tax breaks for Foxconn

Biggest in state history and the biggest to a foreign company in US history.

News Manufacturing General
June 6, 2017  

Fired Florida awning factory worker killed 5, shot self as siren neared

Army vet was a loners, no known ties to subversive, terrorist organizations.

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February 16, 2016  

US OK’s first factory in Cuba since revolution

Alabama company will assemble up to 1,000 small tractors a year for sale to Cuba’s private agricultural sector.

News Manufacturing General
November 30, 2015  

10 dead in Eastern China from steel factory gas leak

Seven other hospitalized, cause is under investigation

News Manufacturing General
November 6, 2015  

One dead, 18 faint at Cambodian garment factory

Dizziness, vomiting, breathing difficulties reported.

News Manufacturing General
August 20, 2015  

Tianjin blasts killing 114 expose China’s safety woes

Chinese business model means safety rules can be easily bent for the company’s convenience.

News Manufacturing Economy General
June 22, 2015  

Arctic hamlet opens eiderdown factory

Eider down sustainably collected by Inuit families from thousands of nearby nests.

News Construction Government Manufacturing General Operations Production
May 21, 2015  

Kingspan to sell Hamilton panel plant

The Competition Bureau required the sale as a condition of its approval of Kingspan’s takeover of Vicwest.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Production
September 16, 2014  

Mitsubishi invests $600M in new Indonesian plant

Plant would begin production of multi-purpose vehicles in 2017.

News Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
August 25, 2014  

Deere laying off 460 employees from Iowa tractor plant

Agricultural equipment manufacturer is implementing seasonal and inventory adjustment shutdowns caused by slumping sales.

News Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations
July 8, 2014  

Bandits raid Samsung plant in Brazil

Thieves make off with $6 million worth of cell phones and computers.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Operations Technology
July 3, 2014  

Samsung gets approval to build $1B display factory in Vietnam

Plant in northern Vietnam will supply small displays for smartphones and tablet computers starting in 2015.

News Manufacturing Production
April 15, 2014  

Chinese workers’ strike at world’s biggest running shoe maker

More than 10,000 employees walk out over dispute about benefits.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Production Technology
February 27, 2014  

Tesla finalizing plans for massive US battery factory

Factory would produce enough batteries to supply 500,000 vehicles by 2020.

News Energy Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Sustainability Technology
February 24, 2014  

Obama takes on industry over limiting factory, power plant emissions

US Supreme Court hears arguments in case that deals with climate change, executive power.

News Automotive Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Sustainability Technology
August 20, 2013  

Tesla Model S is North America’s safest vehicle with 5-star NHTSA rating

Electric vehicle sweeps all safety subcategories and registers top marks overall.

News Automotive Manufacturing Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Production Technology
August 7, 2013  

New Ford plants unlikely despite sales increase, manufacturing head says

Jim Tetreault says the company needs to squeeze more cars and trucks out of existing factories.

News Energy Manufacturing Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Production Sustainability Technology
August 7, 2013  

GE scraps plans for largest solar panel plant in US

First Solar acquire’s GE’s technology for making thin film panels for $82 million.

News Aerospace Manufacturing Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
June 27, 2013  

Manufacturing error caused 2010 Qantas engine blowout

A poorly built oil pipe caused Rolls-Royce jet engine to disintegrate.