News Forestry Manufacturing General
November 13, 2018  

Conifex sawmill workers get two breaks amid higher log costs, duties

Company requires a 15% cut in lumber production for the quarter.

News Forestry Manufacturing Pulp & Paper General
March 14, 2018  

US hits Canadian forestry industry with more duties

US department of Commerce claims Canadian exporters underpriced uncoated groundwood paper by between 0 and 22.16%.

News Government Manufacturing Metals General
March 1, 2018  

Trump defends US steel, aluminum as tariff deadlines near

Has to make decisions on steel by April 11 and on aluminum by April 19.

News Manufacturing Metals General
February 28, 2018  

US proposes anti dumping duties on Chinese aluminum foil

Beijing faces complaints that a flood of Chinese aluminum, steel and other exports are being sold at unfairly low prices.

News Forestry Government Manufacturing General
January 10, 2018  

US newsprint duties will accelerate shift to digital: Resolute

600,000 workers in the newspaper and commercial printing sectors are at risk.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing General
December 20, 2017  

Canada’s move as US confirms hefty Bombardier trade duties

Options include challenges under both NAFTA and at the World Trade Organization.

News Aerospace Manufacturing General
October 11, 2017  

Delta says CSeries deliveries may be delayed, but not killed by US duties

“We will not pay those tariffs and that is very clear,” says CEO Ed Bastian.

News Forestry Manufacturing General
August 23, 2017  

German softwood imports up 10X in wake of US duties on Canadian industry

Prices are rising, making imports from sources in Europe and more attractive.

Feature Forestry Government Manufacturing Pulp & Paper Business Operations Economy General
July 4, 2017  

Softwood dispute redux – it’s time to secure new lumber markets

Victory in the latest trade battle will only be secured if Canada uses all of the weapons in its arsenal.

News Forestry Manufacturing General
June 26, 2017  

Producers brace for second round of US softwood lumber duties

Preliminary anti-dumping duties expected average around 10%, added to previous levy.

News Construction Forestry Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General
June 13, 2017  

Canada and US still ‘very far apart’ on softwood lumber: Freeland

Levies on Canadian softwood sent to the US currently range from three to 24%.

News Forestry Manufacturing General
May 3, 2017  

Tembec CEO expects high lumber prices will prevent layoffs for now

But situation could change in Quebec if prices fall during the end to the home construction season.

News Forestry Government Manufacturing General
April 26, 2017  

Trump’s trade actions bring uncertainty to Canadian lumber country

Also fears of anti-dumping duty on softwood, renegotiating NAFTA and a border tax.

News Forestry Government Manufacturing General
April 25, 2017  

Ottawa won’t immediately offer softwood aid package

Waiting to see the details of various punitive measures before calculating the aid amount.

News Manufacturing Metals Oil & Gas Business Operations Economy General Operations Production
March 31, 2017  

EU should consider trade complaint in US steel spat, German foreign minister says

German official says the US calculations contradicted WTO rules and were intended to protect US steelmakers.