News Energy General Technology
April 29, 2020  

Uptake of drones in the power and utilities sector: report

Digital transformation, remote monitoring and optimizing operational costs to drive drone revenues to US$515 million by 2030.

News Aerospace Food & Beverage Transportation General
June 12, 2019  

Uber tests drone food delivery, launches new autonomous SUV

Says the service should decrease food delivery times.

News Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General
May 14, 2019  

Saudi Arabia says its oil infrastructure attacked by drones

Yemen’s Houthi rebels sending a message to the Sunni power, “…stop your aggression.”

News Electronics General
February 13, 2019  

FLIR Systems to acquire Endeavor Robotics

Endeavor is a developer of battle-tested, tactical unmanned ground vehicles for the global military, public safety and critical infrastructure markets.

News Aerospace General
November 22, 2018  

Experimental plane flies silently, may lead to quiet drones [WATCH]

The craft generates thrust by applying a strong electric field to the air, a process called “ionic wind.”

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
February 8, 2018  

Drones to cloud computing: Russian cyber hack wish list

Fancy Bear hackers exploited US national vulnerability in cybersecurity: poorly protected e-mail.

Insight Government Manufacturing General
November 27, 2017  

Put more faith in innovators to spur tech breakthroughs

Government role should be to ensure intellectual property rights are protected.

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General
July 5, 2017  

Liberals to dole out $2.1 billion to unclog trade, border bottlenecks

Money is part of $10.1 billion in planned spending over the next 11 years on trade and transportation corridor projects.

News Manufacturing General
May 23, 2017  

Chinese online retailer developing one ton delivery drones

A response to the challenge of expanding to rural areas where distances and delivery costs rise.

News Aerospace Manufacturing General Technology
February 2, 2017  

Bat Bot: the new flying bat-like drone [VIDEO]

Prototype could more safely get into disaster sites and scope out construction zones than bulky drones with spinning rotors.

News Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
August 2, 2016  

Amazon invests big money to boost fulfillment processes

Online retailer increased spending on its distribution network by 35% between April and June to $3.88 billion.

News Aerospace Manufacturing General Sustainability Technology
June 13, 2016  

Aerospace firm successfully tests solar powered aircraft

Luminati Aerospace wants to build a fleet of drones to provide aerial internet service for up to 4 billion people worldwide.

News Manufacturing General Technology
May 17, 2016  

France to deploy anti-drone technology to protect Euro 2016

No-fly zones will be declared over all 10 stadiums as well as training grounds for the 24 teams.

News Manufacturing General Technology
April 21, 2016  

New vistas open up at small businesses that use drones

A cheaper, faster and safer way to make inspections and take photos and videos.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing General Technology
April 18, 2016  

Drone collides with passenger jet in UK

Plane landed safely, cleared to fly again after inspection.

News Manufacturing General Operations Production Technology
February 11, 2016  

Agriculture bets on innovation to boost yields and profits

Technology is making the industry more precise and efficient.

News Aerospace Manufacturing Transportation General Production Technology
December 14, 2015  

Drone-maker Aero Kinetics being sold for $24M to London’s Strat Aero

Acquisition will assist in software, hardware and services related to UAVs.

News Manufacturing General Production Technology
September 24, 2015  

Watch these drones build a rope bridge autonomously [VIDEO]

A Swiss research project is attempting to push the limits of robotic aerial construction.

News Manufacturing Transportation General Technology
August 25, 2015  

Australia’s underground drone racing world [VIDEO]

Guerilla races are attracting up to 30 competitors at make-shift courses in abandoned warehouses, at go-cart tracks and around farms.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing Transportation General Operations Technology
August 18, 2015  

Are Canada’s drone rules too permissive?

Experts argue Canada’s lax approach to regulating commercial drones is making it a global leader in the growing field.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing General Operations Production
July 6, 2015  

After being grounded by lack of rules, US agricultural drones set to take off

Trade group says agriculture could account for 80% of all commercial drone use.

News Aerospace Construction Energy Forestry Manufacturing Oil & Gas Transportation General Operations Production
June 17, 2015  

Drones creating new options for Canadian industry

UAV’s evolution is making dangerous industrial activities safer, cheaper and more accurate.

News Manufacturing General Technology
May 28, 2015  

GoPro announces drone and virtual reality pursuits

Quadcopter drone expected by mid-2016.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Technology
May 19, 2015  

The drone that flies itself [VIDEO]

Throw Lily in the air, and Lily follows.

News Aerospace Manufacturing General Technology
April 1, 2015  

Widespread business use of drones years away

New laws and traffic management systems needed before more ambitious projects could take off.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations Production Technology
March 16, 2015  

Release the swarm!

Aeryon’s drones take flight in world markets

News Government Manufacturing Transportation General Technology
February 17, 2015  

US wants small drone rules favourable to commercial operators

Federal analysis cites economic and safety benefits for the small unmanned vehicles.

News Energy Government Manufacturing Oil & Gas Business Operations General Operations
November 19, 2014  

ING Robotic Aviation gets nearly $350K to develop new drones

Government investment will be used to hire new employees.

Feature Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General Technology
June 16, 2014  

Drones take flight in the oil sands

FLIR and ING robotic aviation take aerial infrared detection west

News Aerospace Manufacturing General Technology
May 5, 2014  

Drones can be big business in Canada

From information gathering to navigational systems, government and business are finding new applications for the flying robots.

News Aerospace Manufacturing Business Operations Technology
April 15, 2014  

Google buys atmospheric satellite maker Titan Aerospace

Internet-giant says acquisition will bring the Internet to remote parts of the world.

News Aerospace Business Operations Operations Technology
August 8, 2013  

CAE announces $230M-plus in contract wins

One-year services contract with US Defence Department could grow from $20 million to $$100 million.