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Samotics launched Sam4 Energy, a product that offers energy savings of 10 to 15 per cent and cuts CO2 emissions.

“Heavy industry is the world’s largest energy consumer, with most of this energy usage associated with equipment driven by electric motors. Yet, between 20 to 40 per cent of the electricity used by these motors is wasted due to operational inefficiencies, process-machine mismatches, and developing damage,” said Jasper Hoogeweegen, CEO, Samotics. “With sustainability high on the agenda for organizations across the industrial sector, improving electrical efficiency should be a key pillar in all sustainability strategies worldwide.”

Sam4 Energy provides industrial companies access to a 24/7 energy audit, generates advice on how to reduce electrical inefficiencies and, once advice is implemented, Sam4 Energy tracks subsequent energy savings and carbon offsets. The energy efficiency platform provides a reporting tool enabling real-time insight into the performance of assets across a variety of performance metrics.

Samotics’ has launched Sam4 Energy to market, following successful industrial trials. One trial deployment identified a foul pump at a sewage pump station that was operating at a very low efficiency caused by low flow operation. Following automatically generated advice to open a partially closed discharge valve, yearly electricity savings of 40 to 55 per cent were achieved.



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