New SAAM 3D carbon-fibre print material


Industry Production Manufacturing 3D printing carbon fibre manufacturing Metal Fabrication SAAM

Has fixturing, custom tooling and assembly applications.


Carbon-fibre 3D printed part.


Cincinnati Inc. has developed a new lightweight carbon-fibre resin material for its SAAM (Small Area Additive Manufacturing) 3D printing system that’s impact resistant, and has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Carbon fibre reinforcement makes the material stiff and durable with low warping.

The manufacturer of metal fabrication equipment based in Harrison, Ohio says the material’s surface finish makes it suitable for custom tooling applications, as well as assembly, CMM, welding and CNC fixtures.


SAAM uses fused filament fabrication technology to 3D-print composite or plastic parts directly from a CAD design, but it also simulates parts produced by non-additive machines.

The same CAD file used for a prototype can be sent to a laser, a press brake or a shear for metal fabrication. This reduces waste in the design process and accelerates advancement to the production phase.



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