News Manufacturing General Sustainability
May 8, 2019  

Calgary researchers turn greenhouse gases into carbon fibre

Multiple industrial uses include replacing metal in cars and airplanes, construction.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Production
February 13, 2019  

New SAAM 3D carbon-fibre print material

Has fixturing, custom tooling and assembly applications.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
March 14, 2017  

Magna dramatically lowers subframe weight with carbon fibre composites

Collaborative R&D project with Ford yields 34% mass reduction; 87% reduction in number of parts.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
June 22, 2015  

Spring Loaded takes home top 2015 BDC Young Entrepreneur award

Newfoundland firm will use $100,000 cash award for new rapid carbon-fibre and composites manufacturing equipment.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Production Technology
March 18, 2015  

GT supercar Ford’s most expensive vehicle ever

Price will be comparable to the Lamborghini Aventador at around $400,000.

Feature Automotive Manufacturing General Production Technology
March 17, 2015  

Carbon fibre on the fast track

Speedy technology development is driving widespread carbon fibre adoption for cars of the future.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Production Technology
February 19, 2015  

Carbon fibre to go mainstream in auto production by 2025

Technology development will drive economic viability, but the window of opportunity is a small one.

News Aerospace Manufacturing Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Production Technology
January 31, 2013  

Boeing sticks with 787 battery; production speed up plan

Plane-maker will not drop the lithium-ion batteries at the centre of the 787’s problems.