US dismisses trade beef against two Quebec steel makers


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...but will determined pricing of fabricated steel from China and Mexico to be unfair, tariffs levied.

WASHINGTON — The United States says it won’t be levying anti-dumping duties on imported fabricated steel from two Quebec companies.

The US Department of Commerce investigated Canatal Industries Inc. of Thetford Mines, Que., and Les Constructions Beauce-Atlas Inc. of Ste-Marie, Que., in response to a petition filed on behalf of American steel producers.

However, the department announced it had reached a “negative preliminary determination” regarding allegations that the Canadian companies sold their products in the United States at unfair prices.

In contrast, the department said it reached “affirmative preliminary determinations” of unfair pricing on imported fabricated steel from China and Mexico.


As a result, US border agents will begin to collect cash deposits of up to 141.38% on certain imports of fabricated steel from China and up to 30.58% on certain imports of fabricated steel from Mexico.

The US Commerce department will issue its final determinations in January 2020. If they remain affirmative, the next step would be for the US International Trade Commission to determine the extent that US companies have been injured.



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