SerEnergy to launch fourth generation of methanol fuel cells: SereneU

Maryam Farag   

Industry Energy energy growth manufacturer manufacturing

Photo: SerEnergy.

SerEnergy will release a fourth generation of its fuel cell units, SereneU.

Methanol fuel cell units have the option to interconnect with multiple units resulting in power systems and solutions for larger power demands.

In category of power supply, SerEnergy fuel cells is a source of on-demand power generation for critical communication networks, such as commercial telecom and security etc. They can deliver DC power directly. Different type of battery charging algorithms are integrated in the power electronics so that it can be supported and configured for different battery types, or hybrid electrical systems.

“Our customers demand not only sustainable solutions but also reliable and smart solutions that are price competitive. No doubt, price is a critical factor to industries as they transit to green energies and with our new generation lowering total cost of ownership, we are one step closer to that breakeven bound to come, if not already here,” said Morten Thomsen, Commercial Manager, SerEnergy.



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