US proposes anti dumping duties on Chinese aluminum foil

Beijing faces complaints that a flood of Chinese aluminum, steel and other exports are being sold at unfairly low prices.

WASHINGTON — The US Commerce Department has recommended raising import duties on Chinese-made aluminum foil it said is being sold at unfairly low prices due to improper subsidies to producers.

The ruling was praised by the Aluminum Association, a trade group that pressed the case and said cheap imports were threatening thousands of jobs.

Beijing faces complaints from the US, European Union and other trading partners that a flood of Chinese aluminum, steel and other exports are being sold at unfairly low prices, threatening jobs abroad.

The Commerce Department said it concluded Chinese exporters were selling aluminum foil at 49 to 106 per cent below fair value and were receiving unfair subsidies of 17 to 81 per cent of the goods’ value.

Importers will have to post cash bonds to pay potentially higher duties while the recommendation goes to the US International Trade Commission for a final decision, said a Commerce statement.

China’s Ministry of Commerce complained Washington was harming Chinese exporters and said Beijing was ready to take unspecified “necessary measures” to defend its interests.

Beijing has accused Trump’s government of disrupting global trade regulation by taking action under US law instead of through the World Trade Organization.

“China will take necessary measures to defend its interests in response to the wrong practice of the United States,” said a Commerce Ministry official, Wang Hejun, in a statement.

The Trump administration earlier raised duties on Chinese-made washing machines, solar modules and some aluminum and steel products to offset what it said were improper subsidies.

The American Chamber of Commerce in China says Chinese officials have warned of possible unspecified retaliation if Washington took excessive steps in trade disputes.

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  1. Don Geddes says:

    This sounds like one dishonest unscrupulous regime vs another.

    The battle for last place on the corruption ladder.

  2. Jean Duchene says:

    As a used machine-tool merchant for many years and with USA as our prime market, we’ve watched as manufacturing dwindled in N. America over the last 30+ years as it moved, primarily, to China.
    Of course the Chinese competed by completely ignoring their own human and workers rights, environmental protections and by not just ignoring our intellectual property, but outright buying our machinery with the tech inside, then simply copying or reverse engineering and copying it. SO……….. we are ALL FOR any efforts to obtain compensation for the billions of dollars of losses suffered here.
    Perhaps worse, the Chinese seldom if ever, recognized the rights or recourses for Western complainants. Settlement in a Chinese court of a judgment against them in a N.American court was not even allowed, (“Why cave in to the hated “western running dogs now?” Not a lot of ‘winning’ in a VERY un-level playing field. . So while we disagree with Trump on most policy, this one we fully agree with- Do whatever it takes to have restitution of all losses, jobs, company profits and trade, of our Intellectual and other properties, businesses, stolen, usurped, confiscated or unfairly treated by Chinese (especially gov’t) businesses.

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