Namaste adds IGNITE products to cannabis web portal

Will also oversee the sale and distribution of the IGNITE products in Canada.

March 3, 2020   by PLANT STAFF

TORONTO — Namaste Technologies Inc.’s  wholly-owned subsidiary online portal CannMart Inc., has executed a licensing agreement with IGNITE International Brands Ltd.

The agreement allows CannMart to use certain IGNITE brand trademarks on cannabis-based products and will make royalty payments.

Namaste, a Toronto-based creator of online platforms for cannabis sales, said CannMart will work with IGNITE’s quality control and product development teams to source premium inputs, including flower and edible offerings, from Canadian craft cannabis producers for the IGNITE products.

CannMart assumes all functions associated with procurement, processing, and packaging of the products in its Health Canada-licenced processing facility. It will also oversee the sale and distribution of the products in Canada. IGNITE will market CannMart’s  products in Canada.


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