News Metals Minerals General Operations Production
January 6, 2021  

enCore Energy completes acquisition of Texas-based uranium production, resource assets

Vancouver-based enCore Energy Corp. has executed a Share Purchase

News Minerals General
November 29, 2018  

Costs swell: Saskatchewan sues Ottawa over uranium mine cleanup deal

The province and feds were originally supposed to split cleanup costs for the site, but Saskatchewan says Ottawa hasn’t lived up to its commitment.

Feature Manufacturing Minerals General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
November 6, 2018  

Cameco’s asset plan: How Brad Owen’s team reduced mine costs

Cigar Lake uranium mine gets a strong start with a focused lubrication strategy.

News Manufacturing Minerals General
July 26, 2018  

Cameco indefinitely extends mine, mill shut down, hundreds face layoff

Closures were to last 10 months, but uranium market has not improved enough to restart the sites.

News Economy General
July 24, 2018  

A quick look at some current Canada-US trade disputes

A list of the current trade battles that are occurring on numerous fronts.

News Manufacturing Minerals General
July 19, 2018  

Canada could get caught in cross fire of US uranium investigation

Another US Commerce Department “national security” move as the sector bleeds jobs.

News Energy Manufacturing General Technology
April 23, 2018  

Robot designed for faster, safer uranium plant pipe cleanup

Safer, more accurate and faster than taking external measurements to identify pipes to be removed and decontaminated.

News Manufacturing General
February 2, 2017  

Tokyo Electric cancels $1.3B uranium contract, Cameco CEO ‘surprised’

Considers TEPCO to be in default and will pursue all legal “rights and remedies.”

News Government Manufacturing Minerals General
October 3, 2016  

Cameco, CRA head to court over potential $2.2B tax dispute

Case presents a serious risk of impact to uranium company’s bottom line.

News Government Manufacturing Metals General Sustainability
September 8, 2015  

Door closing on uranium mining in Quebec

Hundreds of municipalities oppose it, worried about health effects and environment.

News Energy Business Operations General Technology
November 11, 2014  

Candu signs JV with Chinese to build nuclear reactors

Agreement could establish Candu’s goal of becoming an alternative fuel burner.

News Energy Manufacturing Business Operations Production Sustainability
January 9, 2014  

Saskatchewan on track to set export record

Exports surpassed $30.3 billion in the first 11 months of 2013, up 5.4% from 2012.

News Metals Sustainability
April 18, 2013  

Canada’s mining industry strong, but there are challenges ahead

Maintaining low inflation, reducing debts, and preserving and improving tax levels are key to sector’s competitiveness.

News Energy Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Sustainability Technology
March 14, 2013  

Canada as an energy superproducer: super payback

Fraser Institute forecasts huge benefits from jobs and tax revenue growth.

News Energy Oil & Gas Business Operations Operations Production Sustainability
December 12, 2012  

Potash, uranium should be included in new oilsands foreign investment rules: Wall

Saskatchewan premier says case should be made to loosen rules for takeovers involving strategic assets, including potash.

News Energy Business Operations Sustainability
February 9, 2012  

Free trade with The Middle Kingdom?

With 17 specific government-to-government issues dealt with Canada and China appear to be setting the stage for free trade talks.