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June 1, 2020  

Operating in the “new normal’ business environment

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News Manufacturing General
May 27, 2020  

How much is enough COVID-19 supply for Canada?

Challenge is the unpredictability of the virus over the next few months.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
April 22, 2020  

Broken supply links bedevil easing of COVID-19 restrictions

Shutdown of an Alberta meat plant, empty planes from China highlight the challenges of maintaining supply chains.

News Government Manufacturing General
March 16, 2020  

Resist the urge to panic shop despite COVID-19 fears: Trudeau

No need to hoard, supply chains not affected by the tightening border restrictions around the world.

Insight Manufacturing General
March 12, 2020  

Making a case for collaborative networks

World-class manufacturing capabilities are built on well functioning, collaborative networks.

News Manufacturing General
February 12, 2020  

High-tech companies eye supply chains as coronavirus outbreak continues

They’re worried about output from China’s manufacturing sector, which supplies goods globally.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 1, 2019  

Trump’s threat to close Mexico border stirs fears of economic harm

Move would block incoming shipments of fruits and vegetables, TVs, medical devices and other products.

News Manufacturing Metals General
September 28, 2017  

Canadian industries concerned about fallout from Bombardier tariffs

It has created uncertainty across the manufacturing sector also affecting those supplying raw materials.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 9, 2016  

Child labour raises call for supply chain transparency law

Companies would report on measures taken to ensure minors are used to make products for the Canadian marketplace.

News Manufacturing General
July 15, 2014  

GE and EDC to develop innovative Canadian suppliers

Session will target export companies for two of GE’s Peterborough divisions.

News Automotive Business Operations Operations
March 5, 2014  

Frigid winter impact profits: plan for delivery delays

Next year arrange for inventory at strategic positions in supply chains.

News Business Operations Operations Production Technology
December 28, 2011  

Bringing back the business

The Toronto chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) says the time has come to rebalance what should be done offshore and what should be made here.