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August 8, 2018  

Samsung plans $22B for artificial intelligence, autos

Will increase the number of artificial intelligence researchers to 1,000 at its AI centres around the world.

News Automotive General
July 12, 2018  

Hyundai Motor union warns auto tariffs could hurt US jobs

20,000 jobs at a Hyundai factory in Alabama are at stake.

News Food & Beverage General
June 18, 2018  

South Korea, Japan halting Canadian wheat imports after GMO plants found

CFIA tested plants that survived spraying for weeds and found they were genetically modified to tolerate herbicide.

News Automotive Government Manufacturing General
March 27, 2018  

South Korean auto workers blast revised trade deal with US

Top negotiator said it will have little impact: there are currently no domestically produced pick-up trucks exported to the US.

News Automotive Government Manufacturing General
March 26, 2018  

SKorea to open auto market wider to US in revised trade deal

New agreement not likely to have much impact on US exports to South Korea.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
February 13, 2018  

GM to close auto plant in South Korea in restructuring

Automaker says it needs better cost performance from its operations in South Korea, where sales have slowed.

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December 27, 2014  

More than energy

Manufacturing needs to kick into a higher gear to lessen the impact of energy’s ups and downs.

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April 23, 2014  

Asian toe-hold

Pros and cons of the South Korea deal.