News Electronics Manufacturing General Technology
August 8, 2018  

Samsung plans $22B for artificial intelligence, autos

Will increase the number of artificial intelligence researchers to 1,000 at its AI centres around the world.

News Automotive General
July 12, 2018  

Hyundai Motor union warns auto tariffs could hurt US jobs

20,000 jobs at a Hyundai factory in Alabama are at stake.

News Food & Beverage General
June 18, 2018  

South Korea, Japan halting Canadian wheat imports after GMO plants found

CFIA tested plants that survived spraying for weeds and found they were genetically modified to tolerate herbicide.

News Automotive Government Manufacturing General
March 27, 2018  

South Korean auto workers blast revised trade deal with US

Top negotiator said it will have little impact: there are currently no domestically produced pick-up trucks exported to the US.

News Automotive Government Manufacturing General
March 26, 2018  

SKorea to open auto market wider to US in revised trade deal

New agreement not likely to have much impact on US exports to South Korea.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
February 13, 2018  

GM to close auto plant in South Korea in restructuring

Automaker says it needs better cost performance from its operations in South Korea, where sales have slowed.

News Government Manufacturing General
September 4, 2017  

Trump weighs pulling out of free trade deal with South Korea

Chamber of Commerce concerned fresh economic rift between as tensions with North Korea heighten.

News Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations
August 25, 2017  

Samsung heir sentenced to 5 years in prison

Lee Jae-yong found guilty of offering bribes to South Korea’s former president.

News Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations General Production
July 4, 2017  

Samsung to invest $19B in chip, display plants

Global memory chip industry is enjoying a massive boom thanks to a surge in demand for microchips.

News Manufacturing General
March 23, 2017  

South Korea to inject $2.6B into ailing shipyard Daewoo

Will prevent company from going bankrupt when some of its debt matures next month.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General
January 2, 2017  

Canada’s GDP to fall out of top 10 by 2020: report

Centre for Economics and Business Research suggests China will surpass US by 2030

News General Technology
September 1, 2016  

Samsung delays Galaxy Note 7 shipments in South Korea

SEOUL, Korea, Republic Of — Samsung has delayed shipments

News Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations General
March 24, 2016  

Samsung to give up authoritarian ways, emulate startups

Executives to sign a statement promising to scrap the company’s traditional practices.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General Operations Production
January 14, 2016  

South Korea’s central bank trims growth outlook to 3%

Manufacturing companies are quickly losing their competitive edge, coming under threats from Chinese companies.

News Government Manufacturing General
November 30, 2015  

South Korea ratifies free trade pact with China

Will spend $1.4 billion on tax breaks and other aid for farmers and fishermen

News Automotive Government Manufacturing General
November 26, 2015  

South Korea fines VW $12M for rigging emissions

Recalls 125,522 diesel vehicles, investigating 30,000 more

News General Technology
August 17, 2015  

LG Display to focus on OLED over LCD

Chinese rival manufacturers are narrowing the gap.

Insight Energy Government Manufacturing Oil & Gas Business Operations Economy General
December 27, 2014  

More than energy

Manufacturing needs to kick into a higher gear to lessen the impact of energy’s ups and downs.

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April 23, 2014  

Asian toe-hold

Pros and cons of the South Korea deal.

News Aerospace Automotive Energy Food & Beverage Forestry Manufacturing Metals Oil & Gas Pulp & Paper Business Operations Economy General
March 19, 2014  

South Korea trade deal good for economy: Poloz

Ottawa says the deal will increase exports to South Korea by 32%

News Automotive Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations
March 11, 2014  

Unions denounce South Korea free trade deal

Unifor, USW cite growing trade deficit as a potential threat to Canadian auto sector, jobs.

News Automotive Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas Business Operations Operations
March 11, 2014  

Ontario, Alberta have mixed reactions to South Korean trade deal

Kathleen Wynne says Ontario is supportive of opening up opportunities for Ontario, but has concerns about the auto sector.

News Automotive Manufacturing Business Operations Operations
March 7, 2014  

Trade deal between Canada, South Korea meets resistance from auto sector

There’s concerns that removing a tariff of 6.1% on auto imports from South Korea will further skew the playing field.

News Automotive Business Operations Operations Technology
January 14, 2014  

Tories cancel outside consultant to help auto industry in free trade talks

Industry Minister’s spokesman says not approved by Moore’s office; more than enough civil servants to do the job

News Automotive Business Operations Operations
November 21, 2013  

Canada, South Korea return to table on free trade

Fourteenth round of talks resume following a five-year hiatus.

News Automotive Business Operations Operations
November 20, 2013  

After five years, Canada and South Korea return to table on free trade

A successful deal would likely involve a trade-off between the auto and agricultural sectors.

News Energy Oil & Gas Business Operations Operations Sustainability
October 16, 2013  

Skilled labour, LNG price are main issues of concern in Asia: BC minister

BC’s deputy premier says LNG proponents now think BC can deal with the issues and are willing to work with the province.

News Energy Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Sustainability Technology
July 19, 2013  

China steps up trade battle over solar panels

Boosts duties on US, Korean polysilicon.

News Energy Business Operations Operations Sustainability
May 28, 2013  

SKorea halts 2 nuclear plants for using control cables with fabricated test results

Cables failed to meet international standards for capacity to withstand changes in voltage and pressure.

News Business Operations Operations Production
April 17, 2013  

Taiwan tech industry gears up to meet growing challenge from Samsung

Taiwan’s smartphone, memory chip and display panel makers suffered sagging exports.

News Manufacturing Business Operations
April 1, 2013  

SKorea, China, Japan finally talking free trade zone

Negotiations to cover goods, services and investment; possibly IP and electronic commerce.

News Energy Oil & Gas Business Operations Sustainability
February 5, 2013  

NEB approves 25-year export licence to LNG Canada Development Inc.

License allows LNG Canada to export 24 million tonnes of liquified natural gas a year.