News Manufacturing Facilities Maintenance
November 18, 2021  

Vitacore Industries announces production facility and PPE recycling project in Saskatchewan

Vitacore Industries Inc. has announced it will be opening

News Government Manufacturing General Health & Safety
September 3, 2021  

Niko Apparel Systems to manufacture surgical masks

Niko Apparel Systems is investing over $250,000 to help

News Government Manufacturing General Health & Safety
August 30, 2021  

Kinectrics invests in PPE Testing services in Toronto

Kinectrics Inc. is investing over $841,000 to expand and

News Manufacturing General Health & Safety
August 30, 2021  

Medicom offers Quebec-made medical grade masks direct to consumers

AMD Medicom Inc. has announced that their medical grade

News Government Manufacturing General Health & Safety
August 11, 2021  

Biosa invests in N95 and N99 mask production and PPE material

Biosa Technologies is investing over $1.23 million in the

News Government Manufacturing General Health & Safety
July 26, 2021  

Province to supply additional Ontario-made masks

The province recently signed contracts with Viva Healthcare Packaging

News Manufacturing General Health & Safety
March 1, 2021  

FPInnovations develops biodegradable mask

FPInnovations has developed a biodegradable mask ready to be

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December 23, 2020  

Health Canada warns against unlicensed PPE firm

Health Canada is urging Canadians to immediately get rid

News General
December 18, 2020  

Ontario supports production of inclusive made-in-Ontario face masks

Innovative product will benefit the deaf and hard of hearing community

News Manufacturing General
October 15, 2020  

Micron ships medical grade face masks to a BC municipality

Operating at full capacity, seeking government tenders across Canada and US.

News Government General
September 21, 2020  

Addressing anti-mask protests poses a challenge for leaders: experts

Medical expert says questioning officials and scientists do so from a place of “broader mistrust.”

News General
September 16, 2020  

FPInnovations completes phase 1 of biodegradable disposable masks

Second phase is expected to lead to an entirely made-in-Canada solution for face coverings.

News Government Manufacturing General
September 11, 2020  

Quebecers who don’t follow COVID-19 mask guidelines to face fines

Dollar amount of the fines has not been decided, province-wide sanctions to begin Sept. 12.

News Food & Beverage Government General
August 24, 2020  

Manitoba mandates more mask use, COVID-19 numbers continue to grow

Public gatherings capped at 10, and people are required to wear masks in indoor public places and at gatherings.

News Manufacturing General
August 21, 2020  

Trudeau, Ford to unveil deal to produce N95 masks at 3M plant

Brockville plant to increase capacity to produce up to 100 million medical-grade N95 masks a year.

News Manufacturing General
August 10, 2020  

Kruger to supply pulp to manufacture ecofriendly disposable masks

The masks will be made from Kruger’s KruPulp brand

News Government General
July 20, 2020  

Canadians reluctantly wear masks, support for mandatory masking climbs

Angus Reid poll found only 55% of Canadians are wearing masks regularly when they leave home.

News Government General
July 20, 2020  

Some resistance in Quebec to mandatory masks for indoor public places

Videos have circulated online of people being ejected from stores after refusing to wear a mask.

News Government General
July 14, 2020  

Alberta giving out 20M more masks, not mandatory to wear them

Wide distribution through fast-food chains, municipal transit, places of worship, long-term care and seniors facilities, and other places.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 14, 2020  

Quebec makes masks mandatory in public indoor spaces

Businesses are expected to enforce the new rules and subject to fines.

News Manufacturing General Technology
July 9, 2020  

Trium and L.L. Lessard partner to produce masks on a large scale

Automated machine makes disposable and reusable masks that eliminate almost 100% of the most common bacteria and viruses.

News Government General
June 10, 2020  

Orpyx and Fidelity work together to manufacture PPE

The Calgary-based manufacturers will produce medical face masks

News Manufacturing General
June 9, 2020  

Canadians increasingly wearing masks, fear second COVID wave: Poll

53% of respondents said masks should be mandatory in public and confined spaces.

News Automotive Government General
May 28, 2020  

Ottawa contracts GM Canada to provide 10M face masks

Production to begin immediately at the Oshawa plant, to be distributed at cost.

News Manufacturing General
May 26, 2020  

SpiderTech launches strapless face masks

Disposable masks adhere directly to the skin, thereby eliminating straps around one’s ears or head.

News Manufacturing Pulp & Paper General
May 14, 2020  

NS chemists work with mill to create medical-grade pulp for N95 masks

A recent grant from Research Nova Scotia will provide about $72,000 to the project.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
May 14, 2020  

Non-medical masks help when physical distancing not possible: Tam

She also cited the need to ensure that the standards of care in seniors’ residences are improved.

News Manufacturing General
May 7, 2020  

SNC-Lavalin helping Medicom with N95 mask manufacturing

Will provide engineering services at new 60,000-square-foot facility in Montreal.

News Manufacturing General
May 5, 2020  

Anticipating N95 mask shortage, hospital turns to full face snorkel masks

Sunnybrook is taking snorkel masks initially meant for use underwater, and adding a filter meant to catch hazardous particles.

News Manufacturing General
May 4, 2020  

Quebec designer launches mask line inspired by star skaters

Mathieu Caron says profits from the mask sales go to the WHO in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

News General
April 29, 2020  

Roots repurposes Canadian factory to produce masks

The clothing manufacturer will also donate medical-grade masks and $500,000 in products to frontline healthcare workers

News Automotive Manufacturing General
April 27, 2020  

GM Canada plans to make face masks in Oshawa

The automaker plans to manufacture approximately one million masks per month at cost