Kruger to supply pulp to manufacture ecofriendly disposable masks


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The masks will be made from Kruger's KruPulp brand

PHOTO: Gulsum888/Wikimedia Commons

MONTRÉAL — Kruger Inc. announced that the company has entered into a partnership with Pulp Moulded Products Inc. (PMP) for a supply of low-carbon footprint fibres to produce a prototype of a low-cost, single-use biodegradable mask.

Developed by PMP, the masks will be made from KruPulp, Kruger’s FDA-compliant and FSC-certified pulp.

“Kruger is very proud to contribute to the collective effort against COVID-19 by helping PMP bring to market this innovative product entirely sourced in Canada and made from a renewable resource,” said Maxime Cossette, vice-president of Global Sustainability and Biomaterials, Kruger Inc., in a prepared statement. “Thanks to our high quality low-carbon footprint pulp, the masks will have the lowest environmental impact possible.”

According to a company statement, KruPulp products are composed of either recycled or virgin fibres. The fibres are converted into pulp through an optimized, energy efficient process, in a facility that relies on renewable power, including hydroelectricity and biomass steam plants.



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