News Food & Beverage General
May 26, 2020  

Plastics bans, environmental monitoring get short shrift

Retailers banned reusable packaging as use of plastic containers went up, and some cities cut or cancel recycling programs.

News Food & Beverage General
May 19, 2020  

Longer growing seasons have limited effect on combating climate change

If plant growth keeps increasing, length of the growing season could remove CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.

News Chemicals Manufacturing General
May 15, 2020  

Global deal to protect ozone layer behind new contaminant problem: study

Chemicals used to replace banned chlorofluorocarbons are breaking down in the atmosphere into new contaminants.

News Government Oil & Gas General
May 14, 2020  

BC lays out $120 million plan to clean up inactive oil and gas wells

Premier John Horgan says restoring more than 2,000 inactive oil and gas wells would support upwards of 1,200 jobs.

News Energy Government Economy General Sustainability
May 12, 2020  

Oilpatch welcomes federal aid despite climate change condition

Toews says companies shouldn’t face problems with the requirement to help meet federal climate change commitments.

News Food & Beverage General
May 7, 2020  

First right whales in Gulf of St. Lawrence trigger some fisheries closures

Fishing entanglements have killed several of the highly-endangered animals.

Feature Food & Beverage General Sustainability
May 7, 2020  

Carbon neutral: Maple Leaf Foods aligns with Paris goals

The first major food company in the world to hit the target.

News Energy General Sustainability
May 7, 2020  

Alberta suspends environmental monitoring rules for oil sands

Follows suspended environmental reporting requirements for all industry amid COVID-19 concerns.

News Oil & Gas General
May 7, 2020  

Imperial Oil reports dead birds on Alberta tailings ponds

Birds landed despite active deterrent systems including radar, noise cannons, eye-safe lasers and scarecrows.

News General
April 28, 2020  

Study of Arctic Ocean shows top of the world changing

The Arctic Ocean may be changing faster than any other water body on Earth.

News Manufacturing General
April 23, 2020  

As people stay home, Earth turns wilder and cleaner

March air pollution is down around the world and more wildlife spottings.

News Energy Oil & Gas General
April 20, 2020  

Oilpatch bailout focuses on abandoned wells cleanup, reduced emissions

Government plans to spend $1.7 billion in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

News Energy General
April 14, 2020  

Climate, clean tech centre stage in federal economic recovery plans

Interest-free loans of up to $40,000 to install cleaner energy solutions such as solar panels and better windows are in the works.

News Chemicals Manufacturing General Sustainability
March 31, 2020  

Judge dismisses Chemours lawsuit against DuPont

Alleged DuPont deliberately lowballed the cost of environmental liabilities.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General Sustainability
March 11, 2020  

Environment leaders say feds need to push sustainability as budget nears

But Business Council of Canada CEO is calling for an economic budget to respond to the economic crisis “people are feeling.”

News Manufacturing Minerals General
March 9, 2020  

Coal miner Teck baffled by fish collapse downstream of BC mines

Water monitoring stations near the mines have reported selenium concentration levels 50 times what’s recommended for aquatic health.

News Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General
February 20, 2020  

Atlantic offshore energy operators raising their EH&S game

CAPP report outlines 13 near and long-term initiatives to improve environment, health and safety performance.

News Minerals General
February 20, 2020  

Ottawa steps into ‘Ring of Fire’ debate with Doug Ford

The mineral-rich deposits were discovered in a region inhabited by Indigenous peoples, provincial governments have been trying to develop them since 2007.

News Minerals General Sustainability
February 13, 2020  

$3.5M in federal funding for green mining in Sudbury

Recipients are a manufacturer of electric drive systems and an organization developing heat exchange technology.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General Sustainability
February 11, 2020  

Saputo makes sustainability pledge for progress by 2025

Committed to reducing air, water and waste impacts, use recyclable, renewable packaging.

News Forestry General
February 6, 2020  

Environmental groups critical of Ontario government forestry plan

Tories propose increasing logging on Crown-owned lands from 15 million to 30 million cubic metres by 2030.

News Manufacturing General
February 6, 2020  

Montreal to fully ban plastic bags by end of 2020: Mayor

Decision comes as Quebec navigates a waste-management crisis with four Montreal-area recycling plants shutting their doors.

News General
February 6, 2020  

Almost $150M in vaunted oceans protection funding not spent

Reasons offered for not spending their full allocations vary by department, including delays in capital projects and requests by Indigenous groups for more consultations

News General
February 5, 2020  

As forests burn around the world, drinking water is at risk

In Fort McMurray, Alta., the cost of treating ash-tainted water in its drinking-water system increased dramatically after a 2016 wildfire

News Aerospace Manufacturing General
February 4, 2020  

Dash 8 joins federal marine surveillance program

The aircraft will be modified to detect oil spills, monitor ships and whale movements.

News Government Manufacturing General
February 3, 2020  

Climate activists disgusted over USMCA’s environmental shortfalls

Green groups lobbied US Democrats to insist on changes, including binding standards for emissions.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing Sustainability
January 31, 2020  

Quebec to expand deposit system to cover all drink containers by 2022

Deposit charged to containers ranging from 100 millilitres to two litres made of plastic, glass or metal.

News General
January 30, 2020  

Environment Canada to release science review backing plastics ban

An audit found less than 10% of the plastic products used in Canada are recycled.

News Government General
January 28, 2020  

Former Liberal Blair Lekstrom quits as BC Premier Horgan’s caribou liaison

Was appointed to bridge tensions between local groups, including backcountry enthusiasts and Indigenous nations, over saving threatened herds.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
January 28, 2020  

Switching grape varieties helps winemakers adapt to climate change: study

Wine grapes are sensitive to temperature, so many growers have been feeling the effects of a changing climate for decades.

News Automotive General
January 20, 2020  

Why action on climate change gets stuck and what to do about it

Changing one thing often runs into the powerful inertia of related policies, technologies, interests and patterns of behaviour.

News Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
January 20, 2020  

Studies question assumptions on industrial damage to Wood Buffalo park

There has been lots of controversy and claims that weren’t necessarily supported by data: aquatic ecologist.