Feature Manufacturing Economy General
April 30, 2020  

Family-owned companies: Major players in Canada’s economy

They account for 60% of manufacturers in the small-medium segment.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
March 18, 2020  

Canada to avoid technical recession despite hit: Conference Board

Forecast of 0.3% economic growth in 2020 followed by a rebound to 2.5% in 2021.

News Manufacturing Economy
February 28, 2019  

Rising growth for Atlantic provinces in rosy outlook

Conference Board cites service-sector stability and rising exports.

Feature Manufacturing General
December 4, 2017  

Eldercare issues: They may be affecting your company

Programs that help employees cope reduce absenteeism and turnover.

News Manufacturing General
September 6, 2017  

Carbon pricing alone will fall short of GHG emission reduction targets

Report warns trillions of dollars in investment needed to green Canada’s economy.

News Manufacturing General
August 14, 2017  

Eldercare issues are sapping almost $1.3B in productivity

Conference Board report says employers have a role to play to help employees balance work and family obligations.

News Manufacturing Economy General
June 28, 2017  

Canada looking at robust growth for its 150th birthday year

…But boomers leaving the workforce and lagging productivity gains will slow advances over the next 20 years.

News Energy Manufacturing General
May 30, 2017  

Oilpatch recovery to boost Alberta, Saskatchewan growth: Conference Board

Alberta GDP to increase by 3.3%, thanks to startup of a new oil sands refinery near Edmonton.

News Manufacturing Economy General
April 13, 2017  

Canada to adjust trade and economic priorities in Trump world

Conference Board suggests positioning the country as a global trade and investment hub.

News Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
March 21, 2017  

Energy sector transformation key to a low-carbon future: report

The Conference Board of Canada outlines what the transition might look like.

News Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General
March 20, 2017  

More losses for Canadian natural gas producers: report

Five-year outlook points to production declines as US shale gas ramps up

News Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General
March 13, 2017  

Oil industry will continue to lose money this year: report

The Conference Board of Canada says losses have narrowed, but not positive numbers until Q4.

News Government Manufacturing General
February 13, 2017  

Canada’s tax gap could be as high as $50B a year: report

Conference Board of Canada says a comprehensive assessment by Ottawa is lacking.

News Manufacturing General
February 6, 2017  

HR pros concerned about adapting to rapid pace of change

Conference Board of Canada reports technology cited as a top organizational challenge.

News Forestry Manufacturing General
December 7, 2016  

Wood products outlook rosy for 2016, darker for 2017

Likelihood of softwood lumber import duties will weigh on bottom lines.