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October 29, 2020  

Biden presidency good news for Canadian environment policy?

Gerald Butts calls it big opportunity to grow the Canadian clean energy and clean-tech footprint in the United States.

News Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
October 15, 2020  

Supreme Court nominee deflects senators’ questions on climate change

Barrett framed acknowledgment of manmade climate change as a matter of policy, not science.

News Energy General
October 14, 2020  

EU to tackle methane gases, boost energy efficiency

Wants to slash greenhouse gas emissions to at least 55% of what they were in 1990 over the next decade.

News Energy General
October 6, 2020  

Carbon capture project would be largest in world: officials

Energy secretary calls it a game changer for fossil-fuel generation in the US and around the world.

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August 10, 2020  

Feds invests $6M in conservation projects at national parks in Ont. to fight climate change

The investment will expand on efforts to protect reptiles and amphibians in Bruce Peninsula, Georgian Bay Islands and Thousand Islands national parks

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August 4, 2020  

HelloFresh becomes first global carbon-neutral meal kit company

The company commits to offset 100% of its direct carbon emissions from 2020 onwards

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July 2, 2020  

Building Back Better Canada Plan can create, maintain 6.3M jobs: report

The report argues it is essential that the federal government set the right policy framework to drive the transition to net-zero emissions

News Energy General
July 2, 2020  

Build a better Canada after COVID-19: Launch a fossil-free future

The choices we make now will define Canada’s — and the world’s — future

News Energy General
July 2, 2020  

100 degrees in Siberia? How Arctic heat wave follows a disturbing pattern

The Arctic is warming at roughly twice the rate of the globe as a whole

News General
June 25, 2020  

UN evaluates reports of record Arctic heat in Siberia

The area has been hit by wildfires that have driven up temperatures.

News Energy General
June 25, 2020  

Despite green pledges, Amazon’s carbon footprint grew 15%

Amazon disclosed its carbon footprint the first time last year after pressure to do more to combat climate change

News Energy General
June 24, 2020  

Thunberg has hope for climate, despite leaders’ inaction

Greta Thunberg has become a global figurehead of the youth climate movement

News Government General
June 24, 2020  

EU lagging behind on climate, gender equality goals

The bloc’s CO2 emissions were reduced by 2.7% from 2013 to 2018 but temperatures kept rising

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June 23, 2020  

Net-zero carbon emissions target a ‘moon shot’: O’Regan

Natural resources minister says the government is looking at all potential solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

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June 17, 2020  

Canada to stay engaged regardless of UN Security Council outcome: PM

It’s competing against Norway and Ireland for two seats, and the competition is expected to be heated.